MITSUBISHI MRJ 20 orders to obtain U.S. leasing company

MITSUBISHI MRJ U.S. leasing company 20 orders U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 31 days Kyodo News Agency reported, MITSUBISHI Aircraft Corporation (located in Aichi toyoyama) 31 announced the news that the plane has been with the United States the leasing company "Aerolease" is being developed by Japan’s first domestic jet "MRJ" officially signed a contract, "Aerolease" will buy 20 aircraft MRJ. MITSUBISHI will deliver in the second half of 2018. The contract stipulates that 10 orders in the 20 can be cancelled. In February this year, the international aviation exhibition held in Singapore, the two companies have announced a basic agreement. MITSUBISHI aircraft company in July with the Swedish leasing company on the order of 20 aircraft basically reached agreement. Including these 20, MRJ has so far received 447 orders. MRJ in August 27th and 28 for the first time to go to the main test flight in the United States, but the flight of the 2 day due to equipment problems midway back in two. The next test flight is expected to be delayed until late September, the delay in the development of MITSUBISHI aircraft schedule worrying. (end) editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: