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Common concern Mobell cycling record growth – hundreds of thousands of Internet practitioners of science and technology Sohu! Author: Shen Yuxing. The author authorized the morning reading class, reprint, please contact the author. Micro signal: syx19890213. Editor: Jessie. Welcome to submit to the morning reading class, submission email: mm@zaodula Mobell bicycle and rival ofo, the momentum of rapid development, through the information industry are likely to become the two companies under a unicorn. Surprisingly, in this winter of the Internet, still maintain such a strong momentum, and can continue to get the favor of capital. Mobell the financing process in Figure 1 the v-mobile financing process this paper attempts from the user demand, version iteration, function design, user evaluation, business model, the future trends of v-mobile bicycle. 1 products to solve the problem entry point: Urban short trip. As one of the most important scenes of urban travel, bicycle travel has not been harvested by giant. The weight of this scene can not be ignored, the amount of investment ofo will be visible clues. By bike timeshare rental, to form a closed loop effectively complementary with the subway, bus, taxi, car, and the formation of competitive differentiation and giant. The establishment of bicycle sharing system can effectively alleviate the urban traffic pressure, greatly improve the efficiency of the user’s travel. No matter from the perspective of solving social problems or feelings, from execution of business perspective, and the demand for products bearing angle, v-mobile model is feasible. The point of pain to be solved is obvious: the problem of the last mile of the user. So what will happen to the last mile of the user? Scene one: white-collar A company not far from home, about 5 km. During the crowded subway, bus routes are more congested, then a bike trip for A is an easy and convenient choice. Scene two: student B needs to take the subway to school every day, but B’s home is about 2 kilometers away from the subway station. Walk past the taxi in the past too time-consuming, too expensive, so the bicycle travel can save time and money. Scene three: to go to the mall housewife C weekend, usually sitting just over the weekend to choose bicycle travel, can relax muscles. Scene four: small partners D and E have riding habits, riding together after work every day. The quality of a good bike a little expensive, moving when they are willing to take a bike to ride a bike is also a good program. The above scenario is a frequent occurrence in the life, the user’s pain points exist, need a product to meet their urgent needs. Analysis of the development of 2 products collected from the v-mobile on-line operations data so far, out of Figure 2 and figure 3 user scale growth curve App ranking curve. Figure 2 the user scale growth curve figure 3 ranked App curve (blue for the overall ranking, red classification ranking) based on the above data, v-mobile can be divided into 3 stages of development. Exploration相关的主题文章: