Mom gave 1 thousand yuan living expenses stolen police informed the girl after the 500-4000dy

Mother to live 1 thousand yuan fee stolen police informed gave the girl 500 a month long said, said recently it for a long time, this month, only wish is to have heart Xiaomei put the money back to the good brother to the police. Recently, Xiaomei accompanied by her mother, to the Jinhua branch of Jindong Fu village police station the police find Sun Haolan back. In the Fu village station two floor, first entered the corridor, Xiaomei recognized Sun Haolan. Immediately stepped forward to get ready for the 500 yuan of money into the hands of the sun, kept repeating: Thank you, thank you, brother police." Originally, a month ago afternoon. The 16 year old Xiaomei alone to Fu village police station, said more than 1000 yuan in cash on their home stolen. This is one thousand yuan of money may nearly a month’s living expenses, the home alone to cram for her "days have collapsed". The single parent family and mother rented in the village of Fu Xiaomei, family in general. During the national day, Mei mother go out to work, studious she was alone at home, so that mother Mei to may leave for $more than 1 thousand as the cost of living. "More than 1 thousand dollars is not easy for our family, at that time, the money was stolen, I dare not tell my mother." ADA said, she was dumbfounded, went to the police station to report the matter muddle along without any aim. I don’t know what to do next. Finish the record, may sit in the reception room, no money, hungry, low head, more think more sad. Sun Haolan see may not bow to the phrase, so the past, ask how she did not return home, there is no need of help? Sun Haolan said, I see her a very embarrassing way, about to speak, but saying nothing, and you may say, Never mind, though and I said there are difficulties, the people’s police is to help people who have difficulties. After a lot of persuasion and comfort, with the sun Xiaomei Haolan himself difficult. Sun Haolan look at the time, just at dinner, immediately take her to the canteen to fill the belly again. After dinner, Sun Haolan himself up five hundred dollars, handed her. Since the sun took Haolan money, Xiaomei always wanted to give money also as soon as possible. Mei mother said, "I come back, she and I said this thing, immediately pulled me, thank you very much so sun police to help my daughter, just on the way, she kept asking me after so long to pay back the money, will not be late… , ". Sun Haolan later said that he didn’t want to pay back the money at stake will Xiaomei, to help police should do. Rescuers do not figure the return, the relief is not forgotten Thanksgiving, so that people save the warm picture is worth the long-term retention and aftertaste.相关的主题文章: