Money behind the 2000 Mansu curved around the U.S. presidential election

Money: Mansu in 2000 that the U.S. presidential election behind a shock around [Abstract] the United States for four years from an election, the party nomination fight to the final announcement of the election results, lasted for more than a year, can be said to be the longest in the job search process. Candidates everywhere speech, made various commitments to all voters, let the overcritical. The author: Qian Mansu ("free" ladder author): talk show on the eve of the election in the view of Chinese, the presidential election must be the most serious thing, but Americans do not always love poker-faced. If the bow Duoli is the Japanese Society of lubricant, so humorous joke to play similar role to the americans. In the election of a variety of anecdotal late night talk show jokes, candidates are parody, not only angry, but also to participate in the. Who will not say if only a joke, then don’t want to be president. The White House press officer to resign, Clinton self deprecating irony that I’m not a scandal, so he had nothing to do with laughter. The 2000 presidential election clearance, assistant for Bush cahan. The United States four years general election, from the party nomination to the final results of the election, which lasted more than a year, can be said to be the longest job search process. Candidates everywhere speech, made various commitments to all voters, let the overcritical. If there is no good physical strength and eloquence and tolerance ability, it is difficult to imagine. I have often thought that if it weren’t for the vote, would they be so pleased with the voters? Americans are often not very enthusiastic about the election, although the president is the only government elected by the national election, but most people are more concerned about local elections. The recent presidential election turnout has been only half, one of the reasons is that the difference between the two candidates in the policy, who came to power are not too bad, so do not bother to vote, even the weather can also influence the turnout. As the audience of the presidential election is not as good as the audience of the midnight talk show, Bush and Gore both want to get close to the voters, so they accept the invitation to be a guest of honor. Bush seemed to be in a good position on this occasion, and he urged the audience to vote, and jokingly said that it was better to vote for him. Gore also tried to appear lively, that he is not without a sense of humor. In October 2000, when Gore ran for president, he took part in the talk show, which he was trying to explain to a chicken. In order to meet the general election in November 7th, NBC in the evening of 6 broadcast a special program for a continuous period of two hours, is a boutique in recent years, the presidential campaign parody. Some of the actors on candidates love to say and how to say what the characteristics are caught quite accurate, his accent perfectly, which exaggerated wit. For example, Gore always to kibitz and rhythmical said: "can I ask the host: two words?" Clinton’s good with people, so he appeared in Mai Don Laurie for a while, get some chips from the hands, while holding a hamburger from the man’s hand, mouth to eat, is busily preparing to speak. Program broadcast to half of the lens to the former president Bush’s house, the two old people are watching TV, a reporter asked him what are your impressions about the show, Bush.相关的主题文章: