Montreal Film Festival night peacock won the best Chinese Film Award-actv

Montreal Film Festival night "Peacock" won the best China movie gold Tencent entertainment news fortieth Montreal International Film Festival in Beijing on September 6th in the evening ended, the Chinese Film Co produced by the good news, pictures, haixiu entertainment, directed by Dai Sijie, starring Liu Yifei, Liu Ye, Yu Shaoqun and the dawn of the movie "Peacock" won the night the best film award Chinese, according to the Montreal Film Festival, and obtain a corresponding bonus. Berlin Montreal International Film Festival and the Cannes International Film Festival, International Film Festival, the Venice International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary international film festival called the five International Film Festival, International Film Festival is a. In particular, because Montreal is located in the French speaking area of Canada, and Cannes, is a collection of art films and other places, the night peacock award is also an exploration of the film on the art of recognition. "Night Peacock" won the international award affirmed the Chinese art film to conquer the judges audience night peacock director Dai Sijie, starring Liu Yifei attended the ceremony ceremony. After winning a Citrix conceal his excitement, because for years of his tour, has an unusual meaning of film. "This movie witnessed my journey, this is my home Chinese the first film, the first film to release in China screen film." More than and 10 years ago, Dai Sijie has been with the movie "Balzac and the little tailor" won the Golden Globe Award nomination for best foreign language film, now get international class A Film Festival Award, his mood is more exciting than that, "" Balzac and the little tailor "is my own selling books in the movie, this and get back to China do a personal feeling is completely different from the original film, particularly pleased to receive awards." In the competition during the Montreal film festival film screenings, the audience for Canada and China movie "night Peacock" passion beyond imagination, many of them are Liu Yifei and Dai Sijie fans, every movie related activities will advance to the scene, waiting time lined up before and after the end of the movie show applause. Never. "Montreal Film Festival business atmosphere is relatively small, the vast majority of participating films are the pursuit of the artistic quality of the film itself, the audience is very high" product — one of the pictures general manager Chen Sijie, Montreal film festival atmosphere also impressed him, and can get the organizing committee special prize, in his it is the "night Peacock" and Chinese film certainly, but also a firm confidence in the art film investment company. Recently caused no small repercussions in the domestic film "natural born in our China" is also still the world pictures with Disney produced, these type of investment in the film shows pictures on the layout have great originality: "art movies like type" comprehensive needs of the film market to Chen Sijie said, "the night Peacock" gained recognition, will enable the company to continue to adhere to its own strategy, making more types with the unique vision of the film. The same happy is co produced by Haixiu entertainment CEO Wang Haiyi film, for the experienced young producer the 14 draft of the script, modify more than 10 version of the clip, the final international film festival.相关的主题文章: