More than 30 billion leveraged funds into the city after emergency opening these stocks tinyos

More than 30 billion leveraged funds into the city after emergency opening these shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger one-on-one coaching opportunities: Construction of expert participating onlookers bull stock market warming, the two financial markets also sent positive signals, after more than 30 billion leveraged funds into the market, which shares the main overweight? Shanghai knuckles after the shock upstream, Tuesday the trend of Yin Yang package covering "9 and 12" gap, after one line break. Market warming, various funds also accelerated admission. Xiao Bian give two examples. According to the latest data released by the securities investor protection fund China, after the first week of investors Yinzhengzhuanzhang net capital to 63 billion yuan; the two financial market also came a positive signal, the financing balance again this Friday on the 900 billion day, the financing balance increased by a total of 32 billion yuan. For Yinzhengzhuanzhang substantial net inflow of funds, and may be part of the funds before the cash back to the stock market, after the re. As for the financing balance, the greater the likelihood of a rebound in the market to stimulate the enthusiasm of the admission of leveraged funds, it is necessary to know that the vast majority of the trading day this year, the balance of financing are hovering below 900 billion. After two weeks, the financing balance increased by more than 30 billion. Specific to the trading day, only the October 14th financing balance declined slightly, the rest of the trading day financing balance is increasing, the first day of the festival financing balance increased nearly 10 billion yuan, to increase the amount of financing the balance after the day most of the day, the stock index trend of Yin Yang package when the day financing balance increased by 5 billion 700 million yuan. After the leveraged funds continued to approach, which shares the most popular? Display data treasure statistics, there are China Festival China World Trade Center, Eastern Jin Yu, Chinese media, Chinese power, HNA foundation, Shenhua holdings, Fujian cement, Haixin and other 8 stocks had the financing to buy the underlying stock transaction occurred. Especially Chinese China World Trade Center Festival, respectively in October 11th, 13, 17, 18, 4 times for the day to day trading financing to buy 50% of the total and landing billboard. In October 11th China China World Trade Center day total turnover of 2 million 847 thousand and 900 shares, the amount of financing to buy turnover accounted for 54.2% of the total, the financing to buy the list of members of the maximum amount of financing to buy the Orient Securities, financing to buy 23 million 440 thousand yuan. The other 3 trading days in China World Trade Center, China accounted for the proportion of the amount of financing to buy the day turnover was 59.76%, 59.15%, 61.25%. With the increase in financing balance ratio statistics, after 70% stock financing balance increased to certain extent. Among them, the 47 stock financing balance increased by more than 20%; the balance of financing increases in 10%~20% between the shares of the stock of $110; the balance of the balance of the 482 stocks increased by less than 10%. The financing balance is the largest increase in drag shares, new financing amounted to 457 million yuan, compared with the last trading day of September financing balance increased by 80%; the second is the sun paper, the financing balance of 561 million yuan, an increase compared with 9 at the end of 57%; China World Trade Center China, Lu’an, Dingli shares after just two weeks time in financing balance were also increased by more than 50%. From the market performance, after the financing theory相关的主题文章: