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Found the child stealing, one thing – 90% parents ignore Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual many families found "child stealing" of this kind of principle error, parents will deep hate their education is a failure, for children to hate steel. 90% of all parents ignore things: when found child stealing, most should do not scold the child, but a good education. This morning, the mother found 50 dollars in pocket pocket, it was supposed to go back to the supermarket last night to find the money. Peas mother turned over several times or less the 50. Doug mother some wonder son: a total of three people at home, Doug dad won’t take, is it the peas stole the money? Doug mom decided to wait for him to watch him. Sure enough, when it came to school, Doug mom saw peas and several students to convenience stores. And students to buy this buy that, when the money out of the checkout is actually a 50 yuan. Doug mom first be startled at feel I have children, gentle, modest and courteous, how the child learns to steal the money? No peas mother rushed forward were beaten Doug, but quietly walked home, walked to rethink their education… After some thought, Doug mom canceled Doug existing pocket money, and told Doug, a week will put 20 yuan in a local library, you find is you no, find no pocket money. Doug Mama’s behavior, so that would have been stealing mother "storyline, replaced by Doug, through their own efforts, reasonable from mother make money game…… The first few weeks, peas can not find, and later cooked, the basic day to find the money, after a while to find the money is not just. Some parents found the child playing with toys, found a telescope, to find a lot of books… Interesting since Doug never stole took the money, occasionally see falling on the table the money will take the initiative to give it to mom and dad. We can not help but praise the practice of Doug mom, she understood that the child is always concerned about their efforts to get something. So she let the children to find money, only through their own efforts, the child will feel that money is not easy. What would you do if your child was found to have been stolen one day? 1, don’t take the kids "hour needle steal tainted glasses, when stealing gold" this is a fallacy, because even small children when period had "stolen" experience, but to truly become the thief to only a few people. So when you find a child stealing as child misbehavior, wearing the children and children tainted glasses everywhere, but the kids into the abyss. 2, keep calm, children understand the idea behind when you see children "steal", gas to the child to beat up a meal, the children promised never to make, the result is often parents of children with wits "movement more and more money". Painting相关的主题文章: