Mother told Zhang Tielin to discuss illegitimate child custody to the mother of the illegitimate dau-hamimelon

Mother told Zhang Tielin to discuss illegitimate child custody of the mother daughter come accompanied – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhang Lei) this morning, Zhang Tielin’s illegitimate child custody disputes in the Chaoyang Court, because the case is not a public hearing involving privacy. The plaintiff Ms. Zi to appear in person, according to informed sources, the mother of Zhang Tielin on the Zhang Tielin side of the identity of the witness in the trial. Morning at 8:50 PM, Ms. Yan Zi appeared in court in the doorway, she wears her hair in a high bun, wearing a beige casual coat, black trousers, slightly haggard face. Accompany her come there before playing with Zhang Tielin alimony lawsuit sishengnv mother Ms. hou. Outside the court, Ms. Zi was interviewed by the media. She said that Zhang Tielin does have child behavior, today will produce evidence court. Before she had tried to resolve the matter with a private, not thought to be exposed him, but because it can not communicate, prosecution is cornered way. Zi said, she has to apply in advance to let the children appear in court. Because of too long didn’t see the child, the child’s condition she is not clear, even do not know the identity, origin. She said that the reason why the fight is mainly to see the child. Zi prosecution said that in 2001 she read and was in the Guangdong Jinan University lecturer Zhang Tielin met in Zhang Tielin’s wedding promises of pregnancy and birth. In 2002 after a son, her son, in his hometown and Beijing lodges, but in August 2009, Zhang Tielin party forcibly taken away the child, September Zi lady to search for the child when the defendant residence accident. Because Zhang Tielin did not let the children, Ms. Zi sued to the custody of the child, and asked Zhang Tielin to compensation for mental damages 600 thousand yuan. Is Zhang Tielin mtaji or Ms. Zhang Tielin Zi up one side of the argument is completely different. In June this year, Zhang Tielin will be in the name of the son of Ms. Zi to court to ask for alimony. Zhang Tielin said that after the child was born, Ms. Zi only took 6 months after they pay their obligations, raised by Zhang Tielin. Before July 2009, Ms. Zhang Tielin went home to visit occasionally Zi son, but in July after nearly 7 years of time, not only to escape from the Zi woman child support obligations, and not to any child during the inquiry, did not even give the child a call. The prosecution of Zi son 18 years old in July 2003 to pay alimony 1 million 50 thousand yuan. After Zhang Tielin sishengnv sued to ask for alimony case by the Chaoyang Court, Zhang Tielin Zhang to 18 years of one-time payment of compensation fee of 1 million 984 thousand yuan. Zhang Tielin has performed the sentence. Text and photo J009相关的主题文章: