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Moto call you open hole: modular design you decide – Sohu digital [mobile phone news] what can be a new way to play? Moto Z to tell you, that modular and what new idea? This time Moto invites you to open the hole. Recently, Moto to the majority of inventors and interested users to send invitations to create new, fun phone module. The purpose of Moto is: like to do the same as the App application to design the module, but in a hardware way. If your thoughts are adopted, you will get the Moto developer toolbox, and a Moto Z mobile phone, then you can make the prototype module. The call for global users, deadline is January 31, 2017. If you can develop a prototype before, then Moto will ensure your design module development. The finals will also have a chance to visit the Moto headquarters in Chicago, and your design may also be on sale. Currently Moto sales projection module, audio module and projection module is developed by the Moto, if you are really interested, go to the official website of Moto registration.相关的主题文章: