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Business Body: If you are in multinational purchasing for a global sourcing .pany, you would always be happy to use category search as it narrows your search typically to specific categories quickly. Well, what is the hype about this category search and why are the industry leaders like multinational purchasing and global sourcing .panies besides suppliers are upbeat about this quintessential service called category search? -Category Search for Multinational Purchasing and Global Sourcing Simply put, the category search lets you take freedom with your product search escapades so that you can narrow down the search queries and results to almost precisely to those products connected with the appropriate category your have chosen. This helps the regular users such as the global sourcing .panies that do a lot of multinational purchasing for countless number of products spread across equal number of categories. Just imagine their lives without this quintessential tool/facility category, which is now a big hit with all those humble multinational purchasing and global sourcing managers, they would definitely have had to loose entire days in going round and round in circles before they could arrive at one product and vendor. You might ask why a Boolean (traditional) search engine can’t do it, so try searching for some electronic toy with a view to buying in bulk and rate 10 suppliers, you will understand. -How to do Category Search in the Context of Global Sourcing and Multinational Purchasing Simple and this is the right question that global sourcing .panies must ask, if they are new to category search. First of all, understand the simple steps that the multinational .panies need to do: select the product category, for example, ‘Paints’ from either of the navigation or from the drop down menu. Then select the subcategory the gets enabled in another menu, example: automotive paint, building paint etc. Often, users from multinational purchasing firms narrow down their search further down like specifying price range, minimum order quantity etc which pin points the results returned. Anyone in the global sourcing for quite sometime will endorse that category search is the best thing to have happened to multinational purchasing efforts to avoid obscure and misdirecting results retrieved by conventional search engines. -Partners for Global Sourcing and Multinational Purchasing .panies Global sourcing and multinational purchasing .panies can also search for partners by category search; searching by portfolio, photo ID, key words and etc. Category search, say for collectibles, will retrieve products under the category collectibles and not categories themselves in case the word collectibles is included in the product title. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: