Nanchang Han Dynasty unearthed in the sea faint Hou exhibition tomorrow (Figure) – welcoming Jiangxi-519697

Nanchang Han Dynasty unearthed in the sea faint Hou exhibition tomorrow (Figure) – welcoming Jiangxi channel, 9, reporters from the Nanchang sea in the Han Dynasty faint Hou archaeological protection and utilization of news conference, 11, "shocking discovery — Nanchang Han Dynasty unearthed in the faint Hou Sea Exhibition" officially launched in Jiangxi provincial museum. This is the sea faint Hou cemetery unearthed cultural relics museum in Jiangxi province last year and this year the Capital Museum exhibition, third times for the public exhibition. The exhibition is different from the previous two short temporary exhibitions, but will be a fixed exhibition of Jiangxi Provincial Museum, open to the public for a long time. By then, Liu Heyu will be the first foreign exhibition, more than 900 pieces of heavyweight archaeological relics will be the overall appearance. Liu Heyin in the jade coffin installed in the paint box "on the word" Yu Gui d.repens first exhibition of cultural relics exhibition of Liu Heyuyin Tomb of the complete chain of evidence to determine the display of the exhibition the largest exhibition in Jiangxi Province Museum Hall 1 floor one or two, a total area of 2300 square meters, 350 meter exhibition line. The first floor of the hall, the two floor of the main area. The contents of the exhibition in the first exhibition on the basis, not only increase the latest archaeological findings, such as the main coffin clean, especially unearthed Liu He Yuyin; and show a number of the latest research results, such as the interpretation of the text, the ink bamboo book gold cake the latest interpretation of Confucius, like most members of lacquerware a new identification. The exhibition "discovering Cultural Interpretation: Interpretation of the characters of the future" as the main line, "Hou, Wang Hou discovered the tomb of Liu He, the protection of dignity sharing" four parts. Hou show part discovered archaeological achievements of Han Dynasty in Nanchang sea of faint Hou five years of discovery, excavation process and Hou ruins, Liu He cemetery. A ceremony, from the four aspects of ritual feast, traveling travel, storage, spirits gold fashion, let the audience enjoy the exquisite taste of precious cultural relics, sincere Han Dynasty exquisite technology, meet heavy distant history of Han dynasty. The Liu He part shows the determination of the tomb of the complete chain of evidence, and tried to have the legendary Liu He reduction and interpretation through the literature and archaeological achievements. Sharing part to introduce people security concepts and methods of the archaeological work in high level, and the future of the sea in the ruins of the faint Hou planning prospect. 922 pieces of cultural relics on display than the first blog display quantity nearly doubled the exhibition selection of Western Han dynasty sea faint Hou Liu He tomb cemetery unearthed and its representative and meet the conditions of the 922 cultural relics exhibition, representing the first Bo exhibition nearly doubled the number. The type of cultural relics covering bronze, ceramics, gold, jade horn, etc. category. The main exhibits mainly increased Heyu India, including the coffin Liu new gold, jade and other clean sea faint Hou Liu He personal objects unearthed boutique. People pay close attention to hot gold and five baht money show the scale and quality in the exhibition. 350 pieces of gold, gold cake, horseshoe trench gold, gold plate and gold coins to tens of thousands of people with visual impact and shock; hunting amber, jade ornaments, jade belt hook and other high Sishen Yan value of cultural relics for the first two exhibition was. In addition, before the limited conditions, the group failed to set on bronze pot, "Changyi officer" bronze, celadon pot? All the collective appearance)相关的主题文章: