Nancy Sherr Rizzo Helps Bring Art To Under Privileged Kids In Nyc-pgd-426

Coaching Art is a great creative outlet for kids and adults alike, but it is especially important for children because it helps develop the creativity and ability to .plete a project that will be crucial to their success. People do not always realize how many important life lessons a child can learn through playing with a set of markers and a sketchpad, but art can help children shape their views of the world and can act as a tool in the development of their own personal identities. Free Art NYC is a non-profit organization that provides arts programs to children who are poor, homeless, neglected, abused, or otherwise underprivileged. Nancy Rizzo, an active volunteer in the New York City .munity, donated her time and energy to help with the annual Free Art NYC fundraiser in 2007. As a volunteer, Nancy Rizzos contributions to society have resulted in many positive changes throughout the .munity, and her work with Free Art NYC is just one of many projects that Nancy Rizzo has .pleted in an effort to improve the lives of people living in the New York City area. Free Art NYC is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. Volunteers, like Nancy Rizzo, donate their time to interacting with the kids and to performing administrative tasks, such as the work Nancy Rizzo did at the 2007 annual Free Art NYC fundraiser. With a large base of volunteers, almost every child that attends a class or program receives one on one attention from a mentor. This attention is very special to these children, as many are not shown the love and care that they deserve outside of the art classes. A variety of programs are offered by Free Art NYC. The weekly mentor program pairs kids with volunteers for the duration of the school year. In after school classes, the kids are able to create works of art and let their imaginations soar. The PACT program, which stands for Parents and Children Together with Art, brings parents, children, and volunteers together for eight weeks of art classes. Free art days, which are each sponsored by an organization or individual, are art festivals held on Saturdays. These festivals are open to all of the kids in the .munity and really strengthen the neighborhood as a whole. Through cultural enrichment programs, kids are exposed to live artistic performances that expand their knowledge of the world around them. Last but not least, the multicultural arts camp is a weeklong camp at which kids learn about the arts of different culture. Free Art NYC has provided a great amount of hope, encouragement, and attention to the kids who need it most in New York City. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: