Nanjing 50 year old aunt fun intelligent mobile phone suddenly blind right eye (video) e3300

Nanjing 50 year old aunt fun intelligent mobile phone with the popularity of smart mobile phone suddenly blind right eye, "bow" gradually increased at the same time, the mobile phone is no longer young, more and more people began to become a "mobile phone control". Just this year, 50 year old Aunt Wang fun intelligent mobile phone, right eye suddenly disappeared. The expert reminds, if the elderly excessive use of eyes, especially to the electronic screen, the invisible will increase the risk of blinding eye diseases. Yangzi Evening News correspondent Mo Yufan media reporter Yu Dandan mobile phone in hand, suddenly the right eye to see this unfortunate caught Aunt Wang is a new mobile phone fans, since the various functions of intelligent mobile phone, every day wearing presbyopic glasses over the mobile phone. From morning to night without hands she play WeChat, hair circle of friends, even don’t want to do the housework. A few days ago, Aunt Wang sitting on the sofa at home playing mobile phone, suddenly felt dizzy, while the right eye cannot see anything. She hurried home to the ophthalmology clinic TCM Hospital of Nanjing city. Ophthalmology physician He Huiqin admissions examination found that Wang aunt is hypertension caused central retinal artery occlusion, commonly known as "eye stroke". Fortunately, after treatment, the symptoms eased, but because of the retinal damage, right to return to the original vision is unlikely. "Eye stroke" blindness rate is high, need rescue raced Zhuren introduction, is divided into many types of stroke, the stroke is most common, but are rarely known in the eyes of the wind. "Stroke" refers to the patient suddenly mouth slanting eyes, body numbness, severe paralysis and coma. "Eye stroke" cause of disease and stroke is exactly the same, a sudden attack of a variety of symptoms, vascular obstruction, because of these same characteristics, people tend to block the central retinal vessels called "eye stroke". The recent drop in temperature, under the low temperature environment, human vascular rapid contraction, blood flow slows down, it is easy to form thrombus. Some of the elderly suffering from arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, long-term immobility caused by blood viscosity, and low temperature to cause vasoconstriction, if blood vessels blood clots in blocking the central retinal artery, will "eye stroke", eventually there will be symptoms of blindness. Any director said, in addition to eye stroke patients with decreased visual acuity, no other discomfort, mainly for painless eyes sharp visual acuity decreased to only see the fingers, and even loss of vision. Because of the rapid progression of the disease, patients often delayed medical treatment, cause blindness. Some patients also have visual temporarily improved, so that patients with no serious, not to go to the hospital treatment, the results missed the time, not long after they appear no irreversible vision. "If the central retinal artery occlusion, 90 minutes can cause permanent damage to the retina, the visual acuity is very slim; even the central retinal vein occlusion, more than 4 hours, it is difficult to restore vision." Where the director reminded, "critical eye stroke" prognosis is correct and timely rescue at the first time, the central retinal vascular occlusion time is longer, the smaller the possibility of recovery of visual acuity. Therefore, the "eye stroke" rescue and myocardial infarction, stroke, must race against time. Extended video Ming

南京50岁阿姨贪玩智能手机 右眼突然失明随着智能手机的普及,“低头族”逐渐增多的同时,手机也不再是年轻人的专利,越来越多的中老年人也开始变成“手机控”。今年刚50岁出头的王阿姨因贪玩智能手机,右眼突然看不见了。专家提醒,中老年人如果过度用眼,尤其是一直对着电子屏幕,无形之中会加大罹患致盲眼疾的几率。 通讯员 莫禹凡 扬子晚报全媒体记者 于丹丹手机不离手,突然右眼看不见这次不幸“中招”的王阿姨是位新晋的手机迷,自从有了智能手机,每天都戴着老花镜琢磨手机的各种功能。从早到晚机不离手的她玩微信,发朋友圈,连家务事都不想做了。前些天,王阿姨坐在家里沙发上玩手机,突然感到头发晕,一会右眼就看不见东西了。家里人急忙带她来南京市中医院眼科就诊。接诊的眼科何慧琴主任医师检查发现,王阿姨是高血压引发了视网膜中央动脉阻塞,俗称“眼中风”。幸运的是,经过综合治疗,目前症状有所缓解,但因其视网膜受损,右眼想恢复到原来的视力是不太可能了。“眼中风”致盲率高,抢救需争分夺秒何主任介绍,中风分为很多种类,其中脑中风最常见,而眼中风则很少被人知晓。“脑中风”是指病人突然口歪眼斜、半身麻木,重者瘫痪、昏迷等。而“眼中风”发病原因与脑中风如出一辙,突然发作,症状多变,出现血管的阻塞,由于有这些相同的特性,人们往往就把视网膜中央血管的阻塞称为“眼中风”。最近气温下降,在低温环境下,人体血管急速收缩,血流变缓,就容易形成血栓。一些患有动脉硬化、高血压等心血管疾病的老年人,长期坐着不动造成血液粘稠,加上气温较低导致血管收缩,如果血管里的血栓堵塞了视网膜中央动脉,就会发生“眼中风”,最终会出现失明的症状。何主任表示,眼中风发作时除了视力下降,患者一般并无其它不适感,主要表现为眼睛无痛性急剧视力下降到只能看到手指,甚至视力丧失。由于该病病情发展迅速,患者常会耽误就医,导致失明。有的患者还会出现视力暂时性好转,所以患者就认为无大碍了,不再去医院诊治,结果错过时机,没多久便出现不可逆的视力全无。“如果是视网膜中央动脉完全阻塞,90分钟即可造成视网膜永久性损伤,视力恢复十分渺茫;即便是视网膜中央静脉阻塞,超过4个小时,视力也很难恢复。”何主任提醒,“眼中风”预后的关键是在第一时间进行及时正确的抢救,视网膜中央血管阻塞的时间越长,视力恢复的可能性就越小。因此,“眼中风”的抢救和心梗、脑中风一样,必须争分夺秒。扩展视频:与原文无关 健康:关灯玩手机 严重可导致失明相关的主题文章: