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Nanning city commercial housing price not higher than the pre-sale price — Guangxi channel — original title: Nanning city commercial housing price not higher than the pre-sale price for the full implementation of the national real estate market regulation policy, regulate the real estate market order and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to maintain a stable and healthy development of the real estate market in Nanning in October 4th, the office of the Nanning Municipal People’s government issued a "Circular on Further Strengthening the management of the real estate market" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), reiterated the policy management of commercial housing units, commercial housing price regulation, real estate advertising management, emphasis will be dealt with according to law, deliberately concealing man-made housing tight cover hoarding behavior. [management] man-made pre-sale housing tension will be seriously dealt with the "Circular" again stressed that commercial housing pre-sale is not, without obtaining permission of the pre-sale of commercial housing projects, real estate development enterprises shall not be pre-sale, not to subscribe, booking, arranging, issuing VIP cards – charged to the buyer or a collection of deposit, such as the nature of pre paid expenses, shall not participate in any marketing activities. City Housing Authority official said, the provisions of the constraints in the behavior of developers, but also to protect the interests of property buyers. At the same time, the "notice" provisions, access to pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, real estate development enterprises in the pre-sale permit within 10 days once all prospective sale listings and each housing prices, and in strict accordance with the declared price tag of foreign sales. City Housing Bureau official explained that the reason to make such provisions, is to prevent developers cover Xishou behavior. On the one hand, property hoarding behavior may expand the man-made tension; on the other hand, may be in for the ride "shill basis", regardless of the consequences, "will disrupt the normal market order". Therefore, the "notice" provisions, if not within the specified time or not will be open to the public sales of all prospective sale listings open sales, and deliberately concealing sales, man-made housing tension behavior, the property management sector severely punished. Need to remind the public that the Nanning City real estate sales publicity platform in June this year officially launched, the public can in our city real estate sales site through this platform enterprise edition query state of the sale prices of housing sales, but also can log in Nanning city housing and real estate management bureau chief information network view related information. In the course of the inquiry or purchase, the public, such as the discovery of any violation of the law, violations, can be called to the Nanning real estate Supervision Detachment (0771 – 4856322) to report. (Pang Guanhua, commissioning editor Chen Lulu) original title: Nanning city residential real price shall not be higher than the pre-sale price [price regulation] real sale price is not higher than the pre-sale price in order to avoid developers opened the false high price, the "notice" requirements, new residential projects approved pre-sale permit, the pre-sale of real estate development enterprise shall the price of the real estate management departments for the record filing after all entered the Nanning city commercial housing sales publicity platform of external publicity. Real estate development enterprises, the actual sales price shall not be higher than the pre-sale price. At the same time, the city housing sector相关的主题文章: