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The National Day travel to Chongqing is a world music festival, National Day holiday is coming together, do not want to go out to see people from all of the herd, to Chongqing and the 2016 World Music Festival, cool music scene, cafe, bazaar, rare delicacy etc. characteristics, your friends together! The world music festival, Up City city to Chongqing Railway Station on the music festival in October 4 – 6 in Chongqing and Linjiang cool lawn concert, a powerful lineup, delicate and rich multi impact music style, for the dedication of a mountain peak of extreme music enjoyment, bring watch Soul shock! A strong lineup of World Music Festival, preview! [October 4th – October 5th] Charlie Tango | France show time: October 4th -5, 14:00-15:00 in his music, anything he dare to express. To feel a synthesis by the electronic synthesizer for Violin and guitar rock organic integration of the world together in a poetic, then we must be on the stage with Charlie · fandangos. Show time: October 4th Enola, inola 16:45-17:30 forever looking for the most suitable space for the Kalima Iafis Koh sound to listen to the song is super but the exchange of experience, she to in southern Egypt language singing, telling her all life and love. The band, Mabang caravan show time: October 4th 18:30-19:15 unique original state music charm caravan fusion band, South original state song, Liu Qiang, Guangxi, Caidiao rock, ray, Ska and other elements, forming a unique Southern music world. Gulaza | Gulazha Yemen song show time: October 4th 19:45-20:30 Yemen and Africa only separated by a sea, the sea to Gulaza is the way to express emotions. The four musicians gathered together, committed to the "Yemen song" this ancient music cultural heritage. Trio, Kazanchis, Cameroon Duara show time: October 5th 16:45-17:30 they said it is "traditional music Ethiopia sub improvisational hardcore punk" and their performance with Improvisation for, will let your feet move, follow up swing music. The Tulegur profit show time: October 5th 18:30-19:15 Tuli Gul, in Mongolian means of indomitable spirit. From the Inner Mongolia prairie son invited Pope ladies to join, then walk to the world "the profit" in the name of. The shepherd, the Herdsmen show time: October 5th 19:45-20:30 road of the ancient nomadic Le, the ancestors of the rhythm road sing. According to folk, Lei, electric, rock and world music elements mysterious dance, bring the magic, lively, audible, see only stage! [October 6th] again interference band time: October 6th 15:30-16:30 several young people in different places from the strange to the familiar, the establishment of a hard and not lack of clear south!相关的主题文章: