NetEase endless theater Mid Autumn Festival theme fashion line winavi video converter

The NetEase "endless" Mid Autumn Festival theater theme fashion line 7.7 CGWR score novice card booking | endless theater area lead: NetEase research since the 3D MOBA "914 action" endless theater version of the Mid Autumn Festival Officially launched. With the launch of the new version, "or the Tang Xiaocang as snow" autumn theme fashion shelves today, mid autumn battle Hao Li synchronous open activities. In the beautiful dance around the wind and dew, a shadow to fall Jin Bo. "Pure as snow" theme fashion makes Tang Xiaocang a second dressing in beauty, and familiar to the small empty incarnation Meng Meng rabbit. Tang Xiaocang legendary new fashion "pure as snow" in September 14th after the official version of the update store shelves in the first week of 40 percent off synchronous open universal panic buying activities. Meng rabbit new fashion horse in addition to the new fashion line, the Mid Autumn Festival theme activities also simultaneously open. The Mid Autumn Festival – wildfire toasts, September 15-9 month 18 days, "endless" theater will open "battle", "Mid Autumn Festival reunion day agreed" and other activities, online game player battle can get double experience bonus, invite friends to have a chance to win the team combat equipment and the origin of autumn fashion house ceremony. Battle of the Mid Autumn Festival reunion Mid Autumn Festival grand battle, a new season of national war! More exciting activities, please pay attention to endless theater official website. [endless theater] endless war zone is developed by NetEase Inception studio 3D action MOBA. Game combined with the future of science fiction elements, including a huge amount of time and space in different groups of heroes and groups. In battle mode, "the dual mode of operation with the traditional MOBA" endless war zone of different TPS+ACT, and even the original QTC real-time combat system, and provide experience for the game player combat action. In addition, the game also innovative into 3D three-dimensional battlefield and air GANK strategy competitive elements, more creative tactics and team routines for you to experience! Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: