[network] Zhan Tianyou CLS Fucai 3D 16299th 1521 and the value of attention-3u8547

[network] Zhan Tianyou CLS Fucai 3D 16299th: 1521, and the value of attention through the pendulum impact analysis, the open prize number 651, the number of the ball impact force on the whole stable strike, the ball pendulum wave power weakened, the 100 point force will stay at 146, ten power point may stay in 835, who will stay at 279. Two, so this period there will be a high probability number should be 0123579 three, according to the above analysis we can draw the following note number: 182187189132137139 152157159482487489 432437439452457459 682687689632637639 652657659 four, 159 five, I selected code: analysis of this issue is: 1 six Danma select number: 182187159489432457, seven, 637652 above analysis combined with the observation period and the range of values 6-23 and value recommendations: 1521相关的主题文章: