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New graphic: Phoenix car · concept car Mercedes EQ ultra fast charging; new graphic as a leading luxury car brands in the market, so fast progress in the new energy vehicle Benz does not seem like the competition obviously, Mercedes Benz also deeply aware of the problem, at the Paris auto show, Mercedes Benz will bring a new the "Generation EQ" concept car, the two car electric car design architecture based on the mature, the single charge mileage can reach 500km, and the new Mercedes Benz is also used on the latest fast charging solution, 5 minutes charge can travel 160 kilometers, really enough cattle. Summary: as the Mercedes Benz EQ brand’s first SUV concept car, we can see its overall design is done very high, it can also prove that it is not far from production at the same time, the concept car uses a large number of traditional design elements Benz, details of a large number of LED light source, touch keys for full touch design, and the Comand system is replaced by the newer structure. It is reported that this concept car may become a pure electric car production in 2018-2019.相关的主题文章: