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Business New Social Media Marketing Strategy That Will Make Your Business a Success In this age of digital marketing having a social media presence for your business creates new aspects in marketing strategies that aim at building rapport with consumers. Reaching out through your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogsite in connecting with people in your local community can help you create a very loyal client base. This new client base will help you easily track down people that you can transform to become your online advocates by means of interacting with them using your social media networks. Using your company’s pages and networks you can respond to questions, disseminate information and even crack a joke to expand your community online. When you are using the social media for your business, keep in mind that it is not about collecting and acquiring a huge number of likes, followers or subscribers, because your ideal goal here is to transform these likes, followers and subscribers to loyal customers that can help you expand your business. So it is more important to develop a real connection with a smaller group ofcontact that would eventually turn into sales. The trick is to be interesting to the people you want to attract without being off-putting. Sharing news about your business (new products, event photos, interesting facts, employee profiles, insightful statistics) is a good place to start attracting people, but don’t forget that it’s also important to have a friendly face and to be interested in them. Don’t hesitate to share motivational quotes; what book you’ve been reading lately, funny videos, even pictures of your recent business activity can be of help to garner customers trust. By the time your new customers contact you to inquire about servicesor products you offer, they’ll feel like they already know you. Most importantly, as you expand your online community look for fellow small business owners who share the same niche with you that you looked up to be role models. If you can, trade services for social marketing assistance or training, or work together to help promote each other. Doing so will give you good credentials that will increase the number of people that will rely you for your services/products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: