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New version of the LOL field their strongest Kensai blind monk stand aside [Abstract] today Xiaobian to introduce several heroes is the 6.17 version in this position of the leader in the playing field. In version 6.17 there are many jungler have quietly appeared in people’s field of vision, like wei. These fields have the same character – a lot of pressure on the back of the opponent. City law enforcement officer, the above is Vi in hanbok winrate, although not yet reached, but gradually rising trend is very obvious, in version has been strengthened, and in the open barrel was weakened after the hero can not play, Vi became the first open hero. The characteristics of itself cannot be interrupted by his big strong open ability becomes very stable. VI the Desolator speed is partial, but reached the level three Gank super capacity, must be looking for the opportunity to help the team to get the advantage of Gank. Vi in the six level Gank hit rate is almost 90%. And try to be the first big move to the road. One can limit the enemy Road, fattened home single, and kill the enemy after the road Vi and its own single linkage, search the enemy field resources, grab Buff or Gank on the road. Group battle in the Vi almost no operation can be reflected in the role of their own incisively and vividly. Just need to find a reasonable opportunity to open the key position of enemy controlled strokes with his teammates he seckill, this wave of group a good shot. Wei stable control to their own hero is a very good opportunity to export, with the team with a direct second enemy key C bit is a very easy thing to do. If the enemy appeared more mistakes, don’t hesitate to directly open group, Vi in version 6.17 for the opponent back pressure is very large, so we put out in select according to the situation to select the output equipment. Rune talent recommendation: because you need to open the middle group, so the value of life is your key to the completion of the task, here is a selection of time force to increase the flatness, choose a rune Gongsu AD rune, red attack, the growth of blue magic resistance, yellow fixed armor, Gongsu essence. Crystal pioneer skarner scorpion from version 6.13 to version 6.17 winrate are relatively stable, has been in fourth to second between the floating. The winning stability is precisely to prove strong position of the hero in the latest version of the. We do not play scorpions when the scorpion as a developmental hero, we must learn to observe the situation. As long as the team members of the line is more appropriate to take the initiative to attack. The scorpion at level 6 with R skills after the success rate of Gank / CD straight up, so good on the choice of more than Gank. Scorpion mission in the battle of only one, at the critical time to the enemy’s main output with the team to complete the killing of the hero. Scorpion is not a good open group hero, especially in the absence of flash R is difficult to achieve perfect open group. It is suggested that the team is equipped with another hero with the ability to open up: because the experienced C will always be in the blink of an eye, and his teammates will always be ready to give you control skills. Of course, if you do find it.相关的主题文章: