Ningbo decoration industry is facing a major reshuffle of the guerrillas will be

Ningbo decoration industry is facing a major reshuffle Jiezhuang guerrillas will be eliminated Zhang Lizhen painted yesterday, the publication of the "October 1st, Ningbo new residential renovation", means that the blank Housing will gradually withdraw from the stage of history in Ningbo. The news came out, triggering the Ningbo home improvement market executives who hot, the industry who have different views. Full implementation of the new residential decoration, the downstream enterprises of the real estate is good or bad? Decorative decoration enterprises, building materials enterprises and practitioners are good or challenge? In the future, home improvement market will bring new changes? With these questions, the reporter conducted an interview. The view – decoration can reduce people Jiezhuang cost "the whole concept of decoration, in the industry we raised seven or eight years ago, I think it is a good thing, is also a new trend, the direction of the big house." RoyalTek decorative general manager Ma Hongwei said. First of all the people, upset and time-consuming to find home, introduces "guerrillas" in the decoration in the process of digging knock on the wall serious security risks of construction safety. The whole decoration, the trouble will not. All the decoration is more environmentally friendly, a series of problems of noise nuisance destruction of neighborhood relations, building waste disposal environmental pollution will be smoothly done or easily solved. As for the public worried that the whole renovation can not be arbitrary DIY, and increase the risk of poor quality materials flow to the decoration of the housing and other issues, the industry believes that do not worry too much. The whole renovation is just the basis of decoration, the future can also rely on a large number of soft outfit, to increase the personalized design." Rong Xin Decoration Co., Ltd., general manager Xu Jigang said. Ma Hongwei said that, on the whole, the previous home improvement business service object is an individual consumer, consumer is decentralized. Now due to the scale of the people’s spending on decoration will be reduced than before. New changes 1 home improvement guerrillas will be eliminated Ma Hongwei said that the new residential renovation, but also means that the threshold to enter the home improvement market will be raised. Before, the threshold of home improvement is relatively low, a designer, or even a project manager will be able to register a home improvement company. In the future, these companies want to enter the ‘full decoration’ market, the difficulty will be quite large." At the same time, insiders predict that in the future, small Jiezhuang enterprises due to limited capacity, in the fierce market competition trend will face the transformation, or incorporated into the large number of Jiezhuang market Jiezhuang enterprises, enterprises will be reduced, but the excellent enterprises home market share will increase. "In the future to survive the home improvement business, will be the ability to excellent, heavy quality, strong sense of service, integrity of the enterprise." General manager of South hung decorative Bao Shili said. The new changes of the enterprise comprehensive ability test "in the 2 individual consumers decoration, decoration company will certainly reduce the amount of large area, bring the decoration decoration efficiency will be greatly improved." Ma Hongwei said. Rong Xin Xu Jigang, general manager of decoration, said the introduction of refined decoration policy, the real estate, home improvement company’s comprehensive ability to put forward new challenges. On the one hand, the real estate business on the transformation of residential products have a system process; on the other hand, personalized space to change相关的主题文章: