No. twenty-third typhoon Mireille generation in Xiamen had no effect on sunny weekend-plants war

No. twenty-third typhoon "Mireille" generation in Xiamen has no influence over the weekend Xiamen fine network – Haixi morning news (reporter correspondent Ceng Haoran Qi Xiang) at the end of the week, there will be good weather this weekend. To mainly cloudy weather, the sun also often appeared on a small Suibu temperature ascent, is expected to rise every day 1 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature during the day at about 27 DEG C. A few days ago the apparent chill will be eased. Don’t hesitate to go on an outing in such fine weather. However, the next three days, low humidity, the public should pay attention to timely replenishment. Large temperature difference between morning and evening, do not forget to go out with a thin coat to add clothes. The twenty-third typhoon this year, "Mireille" (tropical storm level) has been generated. Meteorological Department expects "speed of 5 kilometers per hour Meari" will move to the north. "Mireille" influence, the next 5 days, Philippines Ocean east and near Guam ocean will have more severe weather. At present, "Mireille" late path with greater uncertainty. However, the meteorological department estimated that, no matter what kind of path, "Mireille" in Xiamen are negligible, so people don’t have to be nervous.相关的主题文章: