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North Korea announced the launch of satellite caused international concern – International – newspaper Beijing on 7 February,     7 North Korea announced the launch of the "bright star No. 4 earth observation satellite, many countries and international organizations concerned, urged the international community to work together to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula. Hua Chunying, the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said that China had noticed the DPRK launched the satellite and noted the reaction of the parties concerned. On February 7th, Liu Zhenmin, Vice Minister of foreign affairs, made an urgent appointment with the DPRK ambassador to China to make representations on the DPRK’s launch of ballistic missile technology, which indicated the principled stand of the Chinese side. China believes that North Korea should have the right to peaceful use of space, but now the right is limited by the UN Security Council resolutions. The Chinese side regretted the DPRK’s opposition to the international community and insisted on launching ballistic missile technology. China hopes that the parties concerned will be calm and prudent, and should not take actions that may lead to further escalation of the situation on the peninsula and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the region. The Chinese side has consistently believed that only through dialogue and consultation can we find a way to achieve peace, stability and lasting peace in the peninsula. All parties should try to restart the contact dialogue to avoid further escalation of the situation. On the evening of 6, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a press statement by a press spokesman, condemning that North Korea, despite the unanimous opposition of the international community, violated the Security Council resolutions and engaged in launching activities using ballistic missile technology. Ban Ki-moon also reaffirmed its commitment to work with all parties to reduce tensions and achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey issued a statement condemning North Korea’s launch of the missile, saying it was a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolutions. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement protesting the DPRK’s launching of a missile, and strongly recommended that the DPRK top level seriously consider whether the policy of confrontation with the whole international community is in line with the interests of the dprk. The South Korean government issued a statement condemning the DPRK’s launch of "long-range rockets" despite repeated warnings from the international community". South Korean President Pu Jinhui said that North Korea defied international warnings and launched a "long-range rocket" after the nuclear test, which was an intolerable provocation. This is a major challenge to peace and security in Northeast Asia and even the world. The Japanese government strongly condemns the DPRK’s move to threaten regional peace and security, and clearly violates the UN Security Council resolutions. People’s daily (02, 08, 2016, 03 Edition) 朝鲜宣布发射卫星引发国际社会关切–国际–人民网   本报北京2月7日电  朝鲜7日宣布利用运载火箭发射了“光明星4号”地球观测卫星,多国及国际组织对此表示关切,呼吁国际社会共同努力,缓和朝鲜半岛紧张局势。  中国外交部发言人华春莹表示,中方注意到朝鲜发射了卫星,也注意到有关各方的反应。2月7日,外交部副部长刘振民紧急约见朝鲜驻华大使池在龙,就朝鲜利用弹道导弹技术发射卫星提出交涉,表明了中方原则立场。中方认为,朝鲜本应有和平利用太空的权利,但目前朝这一权利受到联合国安理会决议的限制。中方对朝方不顾国际社会普遍反对,执意以弹道导弹技术实施发射表示遗憾。中方希望有关各方冷静对待,慎重行事,不要采取可能导致半岛形势进一步紧张升级的行动,共同维护本地区的和平稳定。中方一贯认为,只有通过对话协商才能找到实现半岛和平稳定和长治久安的办法。各方应尽量重启接触对话,避免局势进一步升级。  联合国秘书长潘基文6日晚通过新闻发言人发表媒体声明,谴责朝鲜不顾国际社会的一致反对,违反安理会决议、利用弹道导弹技术从事发射活动。潘基文还重申了其将与各方努力合作减少紧张局势和实现朝鲜半岛无核化进程的承诺。  美国国务卿克里发表声明,谴责朝鲜发射“导弹”行为,称此举公然违反联合国安理会相关决议。俄罗斯外交部发表声明,抗议朝鲜发射“导弹”,强烈建议朝鲜高层认真考虑,与整个国际社会对立的政策是否符合朝鲜利益。韩国政府发表声明,谴责朝鲜不顾国际社会一再警告发射“远程火箭”。韩国总统朴槿惠说,朝鲜无视国际社会警告,继核试验后又发射“远程火箭”,这是无法容忍的挑衅行为。此举是对东北亚地区乃至世界和平与安全的重大挑战。日本政府强烈谴责朝鲜此举威胁地区和平与安全,明显违反联合国安理会决议。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月08日 03 版)相关的主题文章: