Number of public administrators to economic disputes as a child to be fined

The number of public administrators to economic disputes said to steal children detained fines – Beijing for fictional facts, spread rumors on the Internet, causing public panic, public administrator Wang has recently been Sheqi County Public Security Bureau of Henan province sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days and fined 500 yuan. In August 28th, some people argue, because of economic disputes tussle near the activity center Sheqi county cadres, trouble both sides by police on the spot control. Originally, the reason is a Zhengzhou car rental company staff Zhang and other 6 people drove up to the requirements of leasing in Sheqi County, Dumou return the leased vehicle and the rest of the money, the two sides dispute. Zhang, who tried to get rid of the rental vehicles, someone shouted grab kids". Shouts attracted a lot of crowd and take pictures, some unknown truth, to steal children illegal hate people, Zhang et al. Allowing no explanation to beat, there are people in the WeChat circle of friends photos. Shortly after the incident, Wang in the circle of friends to see the photos, without thinking, without checking, then edit. 20:30 on August 28th, he published on the Internet entitled "Sheqi veteran center north caught stealing kids gang for diffusion" article. In this paper, the cadre activity center Sheqi County North 50 meters, a mother with children riding electric vehicles when passing by a gang of 3 in the children under the watchful eyes of the people. The gang has now been arrested. Because of the child’s words particularly eye-catching eye-catching, after the news release, the number of hits quickly more than 20 thousand times, causing panic in the crowd. Sheqi County procuratorate found the public opinion, immediately made contact with the public security organs. Police immediately launched an action to identify the source of information on the night, and lock the information release wang.相关的主题文章: