Official China’s manned space industry began to enter a new stage of application development face gossip

Official: China manned space industry began to enter a new stage in the development of new network application China Tiangong two space laboratory plans from September 15th to 20 between the launch. The Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket has been vertically transferred to the launch tower. Sun Hao photo Beijing, September 14 Jiuquan Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) deputy director of the manned space engineering office Chinese Wuping today introduced Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft flight lasted for a long time, through the active exploration and practice tasks in this stage, the first step to establish long-term mission oriented support system and the safeguard mechanism. September 14th, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center held a press conference, a spokesman for the space lab and rocket development, loading and task preparation. At the press conference, a reporter asked: with the Tiangong two space laboratory China manned space launch, began to enter a new stage of development, this new stage is what clear signs and features? Wu Ping introduction, China’s manned space into a new stage of development, mainly in the following three aspects: first, will have the basic conditions for large-scale space applications. Breakthrough and master the three basic technologies of manned space flight, we have a state and performance are very stable manned space transportation system. The upcoming launch of Tiangong two space laboratory, and cargo transportation system "is the formation of day boat one cargo spacecraft, the continuous improvement of the space infrastructure, will enable us to have the ability to carry out large-scale space scientific experiments and technical application ability and condition. Two is to expand the field of space applications, enhance the effectiveness of Engineering applications. The main task of the project is to break through the basic technology of manned space flight, and the main task of the project will be inclined to the space science experiment and application technology test after entering the space laboratory. After entering this stage, engineering application areas will be further expanded, will significantly increase the number of load applications, technology transformation efforts will further increase, thus, to further enhance the comprehensive benefits of the project. Three is to explore the establishment of long-term manned flight support system and operation mechanism. Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft flight lasted for a long time, have put forward higher requirements for task support and protection ability, through active exploration and practice task at this stage, will establish a long-term mission for the support system and the safeguard mechanism, but also for the long-term human space station participate in the development of space science experiments to accumulate experience, to lay the foundation. She said, in short, with the launch Tiangong two, China has the first true sense of the space lab, with the launch of large-scale space science and technology test test conditions, so that a new phase of China’s manned space began to enter the application development.相关的主题文章: