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Old AI Kan shares: A shares into the fourth quarter of the market started the king to sina finance chief commentator old AI [micro-blog] [lead]A shares into Wong Cho Lam as king of the leak of market regulation, so many people lose qualified buyers at the same time, but let A become the best channel to accept the property market funds! Rebound in the fourth quarter of the market has begun to look forward to copying last year’s 500 point rebound! After a good start! But also out of the Big Bang Big head line, swept away before the sluggish trend! It seems really like Wong Cho Lam A shares into the eleven long Wang Jianlou, 21 city intensive regulation of the property market, so many people lose qualified buyers at the same time, let A shares to become the biggest beneficiary, has become the best channel to accept the property market funds! Although the property market funds can not flow to the stock market, but even if it is a small part of the inflow, but also enough to launch a wave of the end of the meal market. Moreover, the stock market has been sluggish for half a year, the valuation is low, for many from the property market down the speculative funds, liquidity is more convenient for the stock market is undoubtedly the best choice. No matter how many short-term capital inflows, at least to give the market a good look, let the market sentiment first broke out, let the venue of funds flows again. This from today’s volume and or standings can see, today is the largest since September 12th, and compared with a day or more than 50%, two cities limit the number of stocks reached 56, the festival has doubled, stock activity increased significantly, that capital is back this is obvious, the market sentiment recovery! This trend is also very much like last year and last year, the whole of September was malaise, but after eleven tiaokonggaokai, then opened the 500 points in the fourth quarter of the market rebound. The 500 quarter of this year will once again launch a big rebound? Although not reach, but the old AI said many times in September, after a year in the slump, major institutions are facing the end of red performance under the background of their funds are sufficient, especially private equity positions are very light, completely have the ability to launch a wave of market at the end of the year, so the four quarter of October and launched a wave of efforts to rebound in the market, the old AI still very confident! Therefore, the current strategy is very simple, that is holding and bargain intervention to do, to actively participate in the fourth quarter of the market rebound. From today, every performance index, the gem rose to the highest, and the last eleven after a small record hit lead trend also like. With the arrival of the end of three, quarterly and annual report of the market will be opened, will also send high hot to fry, the opportunity to stock especially small cap stocks opportunities will be significantly increased, and the fund performance rankings also tend to impact their holdings of small cap stocks, so we can pay more attention to small cap stocks active and the theme of the concept of the future of the market. Welcome to WeChat public number: old AI Kan shares (laoaikangu), or scan the QR code below, micro-blog is on @ old AI (the author introduction: Sina chief financial commentator, veteran investor. )相关的主题文章: