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Questions! First Question: Is cholesterol a good thing or bad thing? How many of you reading this article think cholesterol is a bad thing? How many of you think cholesterol is a good thing? It\’s a trick question. If you are breathing right now, I can guarantee you that you have cholesterol in every cell of your body. IF you can think a thought, your brain is operating in a reasonable fashion then you have a good amount of cholesterol in your brain. There is good cholesterol and there is bad cholesterol (so called) denoted by HDL and LDL. Which one is good? Yes, HDL is high density lipids, they\’re good. LDL is low density lipids and they are not so good. In the industry we call it BAD cholesterol. That\’s a technical term. So your Lipid profile – when you do your annual blood test is made up of LDL/HDL/Total and Triglycerides another kind of fat. Triglycerides were my problem. I contracted hepatitis while working as a teacher in India back in 1976. My liver mostly shut down for a year and I could only eat boiled squash, boiled rice and boiled carrots and ever since then I had a problem. I couldn\’t eat meat for a year. My body wouldn\’t let me. In 1990 I had a physical and the Canadian Doctor told me I had elevated Triglycerides and in order to get them down, I should stop drinking soda and switch to diet soda, such wonderful advice. Don\’t zero calorie sweeteners cause cancer? Don\’t you love the medical system? I am joking here, as you and I both know doctors do the best they can with what they have, but you must understand that doctors\’ education, for the most part are subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry. And the one ultimately responsible for your own health is …? Yes, you. You make the decision on what to put in your mouth. Now its true I drank a lot of soda while living in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, can anyone guess why? That\’s right. The water in those countries was unsafe. It was either hot in the winter, or extremely hot in the summer, so liquid intake was essential. Bottled water was not readily available in those days. So I drank coke, and Fanta to stay alive. And tea, lots of tea. A triglyceride reading of 508 in 2005 this was my turning point. What\’s normal is under 100. What is high risk for stroke? 500. When is the last time you ate fish? Do you still eat fish on Fridays? Growing up that was what Friday was about, fasting from meat by eating fish. Somebody hundreds of years ago had a good idea. Eat fish. About 3% of you are nourishing your body with one of nature\’s basic building blocks. Unless you are eating 4 oz. of salmon a day, you are literally starving your body of essential fatty acids. Now why are they called Essential – Dr Andrew Weil, EFAs are called Essential because your body cannot produce them. Strain all you want and set powerful intentions, EFAs must be ingested. No matter how fit you think you are, no matter how many miles you run, how many pushups you do, how many yoga sessions you attend, if you are not getting EFAs in your diet or by supplementation, you are deficient in one of the major building blocks of your cellular structure. There are several EFAs but the two you and I need to be concerned about is EPA and DHA. These two .ponents of Omega-3s make your children geniuses if they get it early in life. Remember our Grandmothers insisting we take Cod Liver Oil? Yuck, Can everybody say, \"YUCK?\" Granny knew something that we have forgotten. EFAs nourish and enhance brain function. This is documented in studies that would stack from here to the ceiling. Even the FDA allows a qualified \"claim\" that EFAs, fish, Omega-3s may enhance your heart health. Statins drugs can make no such claim. In fact on the Lipitor bottle, it clearly states that stating have never been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. Sometimes you just have to believe what you read, dont you think? The White House, the Office of Management and Budget, the FDA, the American Heart Association, all have stressed the need for Americans to get more Omega-3s. Even Eggs are now being manufactured to contain omega-3s. How do they do this? By feeding the chickens grains high in alpha linoleic acid, an omega-3 precursor. Now how do Omega-3s help your cardio vascular system? Makes your blood thinner and silkier, who wants silky blood? Who likes to wear silk? Who says a talk about fish oil can\’t be sexy? Omega-3s when taken in sufficient dose makes your blood able to flow better and freely even if there is constriction in your arteries. How many like Quarter pounders? How many of you like Ruth Chriss Steak? Fuddruckers? Well sorry to inform you but you have a lard-fat buildup in your body. The next time you fry up some hamburger at home, dont clean the pan right away. Leave it for an hour and .e back and look at the waxy, greasy fat build up. Yes its gross! And that is what you are doing to your arteries when you get the wrong kinds of fat. So how do we get our omega-3s, eat fish? What\’s the problem with eating fish these days? Mercury, heavy metals and i have to explain the pollution of the oceans. i am no al gore but this is a documented problem. if you eat fish you have got a heavy metal problem. And you will need a chelation treatment to get rid of the metals in your body and it is not a pleasant process. These days you have to be very selective in which fish you eat and you have to be moderate. Salmon is probably the best. Younger fish are and fish with shorter lifespan are safer. The easiest and safest way to get your Omega-3s and make sure you are getting the best product possible is to take a high quality, Omega-3. Take it daily, take it religiously. It should be Molecularly distilled and manufactured under GMP that is good manufacturing practices. No junk oils from Costco\’s. $8 for 1000 capsules, is not what you want, forget about it. It\’s junk. It\’s like junk food; you will not get the benefit. Who can guess what the first symptom of a heart attack is? Is it chest pain, numbness in your left arm, a prickly sensation, anything else? The most .mon first symptom of a heart attack is sudden death, a full 50% of first heart attacks kill, and suddenly. Dr. Alex Spokajny, Harvard trained medical doctor says, \"The greatest thing about Omega-3s is its ability to prevent sudden death heart attack.\" Is there anyone here that doesn\’t want to take Omega-3s? Anyone here want to have a heart attack today? No I didn\’t think so. Take your omegas 3s. Get on a regular regimen of highly potent, molecularly distilled Omega-3s. These should cost more than what you find at Wal-mart. They should be processed in FDA approved facility. You should see at least 600mgs of EPA/DHA per capsule, preferably 800mgs per capsule and take 6 8 capsules per day. 相关的主题文章: