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I’m afraid "on guard" disciplined cadres – View – people.com.cn neither painful nor itching "on guard" disciplined cadres afraid neither painful nor itching background: Shanxi Jiaokou County under the peach was to report the illegal exploitation of bauxite, Jiaokou county secretary of homeland Feng Jianping by the party warning, then became Zhongyang county when the Secretary of homeland; new Jiaokou county secretary of homeland Wang, after Zhongyang county the Secretary of homeland, because in Zhongyang county do not perform their duties according to law, be given administrative warning. In short, the two punished by the Secretary swap positions, causing concern. Hunan red net published Qiao Zhifeng view: two Secretary of homeland made a mistake, "" internal communication ", swap positions, level or the level, or the post office, said it was" douniwan "may be an exaggeration, but similar practices or people have a" play "feeling. Their mistakes may also fail to be dismissed, expelled or investigated for criminal responsibility degree. But whether admit it or not, this was reversed, objectively played a passive position in the officials from the "rescue" out of action, allegedly disguised protection. In order to achieve the legal laws and regulations and the policy of non aliasing in layer layer implementation, so that officials at all levels can perform their duties according to law, we must take responsibility for the implementation of the work throughout the entire process, the supervision, accountability, interviews and other systems of standardization and normalization, establish a strict examination and target responsibility system. Which part of the card shell, which will be held responsible for what link; which sector is a problem, the Department will be held responsible for what the work is not implemented, who will be held accountable. With accountability, cadres will often think of the implementation of the responsibility, often seek to implement the policy, often grasp the implementation of the matter, often seek to implement the effect. "The punishment director swap positions" this kind of camouflage, smart, or don’t play as well. Xiaojiang caprice: two cadres punished to be "on the changing of the guard, will really make people produce" change after the official "feeling. They are subject to the party warning and administrative warning, will become the file a line of unimportant words, may not touch the treatment will produce itching type alarm effect on them? Last July, the CPC Central Committee issued "to promote the leadership of cadres regulations (Trial)", aims to solve is not official, not official, the official mess and other issues, to promote the capable, concerning the formation, inferior eliminated employment oriented and political environment. Two Secretary of homeland in this case does not exist "weak rule of law, act not according to the law, did not dare to play, irresponsible, not official, Yong lazy drag, the larger the opinions of the masses of cadres and other circumstances? Not suitable for serving as cadres, the provisions of the "out of position" does that mean "swap" to the remote peer to the same position? To make mistakes "of the cadres, high-rise and masses are not required to" ban ", but the relevant cadres must accept the degree of error and commensurate punishment, and realization. The question now is, what is the nature of the cadres are big or small, and sometimes the nature of human error, punishment has unpredictable elasticity. This is the most worried about the public, as well as strictly, rectify the official should be vigilant. Shenzhen cancel the license plate auction is still pretty reform space back)相关的主题文章: