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Online about passengers also said late drivers to 30 yuan street noisy Beijing life newspaper news August 26th women take the network about cars, not only the wrong car place, is half an hour late, the owners want 30 yuan of compensation was refused, two people quarrel in the street, but also attracted auxiliary police patrol. "Fares are set in advance, how can you ask me for money!" The 22 day at 15:40, Xiangfang patrol Auxiliary Police Brigade five squadrons of the auxiliary police patrol, Zhuang Shaonan Lin Jianan at the Northeast Forestry University Front Gate nearby, found a silver car parked on the roadside, a man and a woman standing on the sidewalk quarrel. Two auxiliary police to understand the situation that women make this car ride with the taxi software, to Northeast Forestry University from the cottage street to the Xinjiang District, she had to ride locations as Bohai road. "The wrong place and I walk for half an hour." Ride the owner said to Xinjiang street, a female passenger said something left home to go back, and waited for half an hour. To the place, ask the owners of 30 yuan compensation, but the female passengers feel unreasonable, two people arguing. Mediation by the police, the woman agreed to pay more than 10 yuan of private car owners, peaceful settlement of the matter. (Li Mingzhe)相关的主题文章: