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Online travel complaints high   Jiangsu tourism department will be accountable – Jiangsu channel — original title: online travel complaints high yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Qin Jingan entered the "wind hotline". The National Day golden week just passed, many tourists complain in the "wind hotline" broadcast on the travel service problems, most of which relate to online travel. During the long vacation, Ms. Zhuang from Yangzhou went to Zhoushan to play, in the way cattle travel booking a chartered car, tour guide rental service. After departure, not only the car rental service is not fully enjoyed, the contract hotel also reduced from five star to two star. In addition, the rental guide refused to explain on the grounds of physical exhaustion. Coincidentally, Miss Wu from Nanjing booked a self driving tour in the United States by Ctrip, and returned to the United States. The location of the car returned was not consistent with the site commitment, and the delay time of the trip delayed the international flights. After receiving complaints from the public, Qin Jingan apologized. He said that the investigation should be carried out immediately with the relevant departments, and seriously verified and dealt with severely. "In recent years, the rapid development of online tourism, we encourage more enterprises to enter the market, but must standardize operation, steady development."." Qin Jingan introduced, if you encounter problems on the travel, you can timely complaints to 12301, you can also complain to the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the tourism department will do everything to respond. (Huang Wei) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin) 在线旅游投诉居高不下 江苏旅游部门将追责–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:在线旅游投诉居高不下   昨日,省旅游局局长秦景安走进“政风热线”。国庆黄金周刚过,不少游客在“政风热线”直播中就出游服务方面遇到的问题进行投诉,大部分与在线旅游相关。   长假期间,来自扬州的庄女士前往舟山游玩,在途牛旅游预定了包车、导游租赁服务。出发后,不仅包车服务没有完全享受到,合同约定的酒店也从五星级降至两星级。此外,租赁的导游以身体劳累为由拒绝讲解。无独有偶,来自南京的吴小姐通过携程预定了美国的自驾游,到了美国,取还车地点与网站承诺的并不一致,返程时差点耽误了国际航班。   接听市民投诉后,秦景安表示歉意,他说,将立即会同相关部门开展调查,认真核实、严肃查处。“近年来,在线旅游迅速发展,我们鼓励更多企业进入这个市场,但必须规范运行、稳健发展。”秦景安介绍,游客旅行途中如果遇到问题,可以及时向12301投诉,也可以向省旅游局投诉,旅游部门一定会做到事事有回应。 (黄伟) (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章: