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Oral: boyfriend books let him make me sick really blew up, together with my boyfriend of almost two years time. For two years, said long is not long, nor too short, however, when we get along with almost a year, he met with both parents, after obtaining the consent of the parents, we have lived together, almost a year, originally a year I think I stay together morning and night, has been very know him, but since I saw the book, I began to have doubts on this feeling. First of all, we live together, because we are ready to get married, like every time I see his mother, I will follow the name of the mother, he told me that my parents are the same. We live together in the house, or his parents to find, the district has rented, but also for sale, his parents said, if we live a good feeling, after we get married to buy a house here. Male friend of the people, I still feel that we can trust people, he is a very careful person, also take care of me, but also very willing to spend money for me, I’m not a vain woman, but a man willing to spend money for you, but also from one side to prove that he is love your face. It is probably the last weekend, the boyfriend had something to go out that day, and I was just fine, early in the morning to see the house a bit chaotic, I would like to say something about. My boyfriend is the first from the study treatment, he still have quite a lot of advantages, especially love clean, home is always in his health, his study is rarely touched me, but lately he work very busy, home several days have no cleaned. About half of the time to finish, under a pile of books, there is a yellow book caught my attention, I suddenly to pull out, read the books two words with a pen, I feel very curious, did not think of a boyfriend and account of this habit, I think is not what secret what take out read. Did not think that the above record of things I was shocked. In front of a few pages quite normal, that is, the number of records of wages, how much money deposited into the bank, what to buy these things, but there are a few pages behind, remember that he was spending money on me. For example, one day to eat what to spend the money, where am I going to play how much money to spend, go home to my parents buy gifts for the amount of money spent, even go to the park to buy two bottles of water that are written in, more difficult to accept is that Valentine’s Day and I the birthday of his were bought me a bottle of perfume, and a set of skin care products, I remember he told me that the one thousand and two hundred fragrance skin care products (two thousand is the brand, he said, is to find someone purchasing, or take advantage of discounts when Tun but above), remember, is a perfume two hundred and eighty, skin care products two hundred and twenty. I will stay at the time, that a set of 220 must buy is fake, online shopping more than this price, I think the face with so long turned out to be fake, felt nauseous. You know every time he gave me a gift I have return, my back is all over 2000. When my boyfriend came home, I threw the book in front of him and asked him what he meant相关的主题文章: