Shanghai strictly review the source of land auction funds small developers or

Shanghai strictly examine the land auction funds small developers or eliminated in October 14th, the land market in Shanghai’s official website announced, in November the upcoming auction of three plots of land, increase the assignment of the right to supplement the announcement. Reporters noted that the announcement of additional special "increase 30 bidding qualification time of trading funds audit regulations. Just a day before, Shanghai Banking Bureau exclusive to the "daily economic news" reporter revealed that in October 12th the Banking Bureau held an emergency meeting, although not anecdotal, but the focus that the real estate credit risk, and the "3· 25 new home" and the "new six" reiterated. "The new six", the important point is to "bank loans, trust funds, capital market financing and capital management plan with capital, insurance funds shall be used to pay the land bidding deposit, deposit and subsequent land transfer price. Bidders in the application in the land auction activities, should undertake the sources of funding for the compliance of its own funds." According to the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau News Department official said, after 12 days to convene the jurisdiction of major banks to participate in the meeting, many banks will start the impetus, the supervision of the implementation of the spirit. "We can predict that Shanghai land market will usher in a new" storm ", Shanghai city planning and land resources administration departments at all levels, take charge of the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau and other multi pronged approach to carry out regulation, the subsequent development of the land market in Shanghai, it is worth attention." Many industry insiders pointed out in an interview with reporters. The land transfer funds issued three audit cases reiterated "caught" today Shanghai city planning and land resources administration announced in November will be mainly for the shooting of three plots, which are located in Fengxian Harbor Park two 04FX-0002 unit B0204 block, B0701 block, Fengxian District Zhe Lin Zhen 04-01 block, Fengxian District area of nanqiaoxincheng 10 unit 03C-04 04-02 regional block. Announcement stressed that bids for the file "by the source of commodity housing land transactions funds accounting firms and CPA attestation of" supplementary declaration and commitment ", increase 30 bidding qualification, review of trading funds. Specifically, with the participation in the application developers need to promise in the supplement for the local block trading funds for in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations of China’s policy of its own funds, there is no use including but not limited to bank loans, trust funds, capital market financing and capital management plan with capital, insurance funds in violation of the relevant provisions the source of funds to pay the land bidding deposit, deposit and subsequent land transfer price situation. It is worth noting that the notice explicitly requested to participate in the enterprises get listed for compliance of its own funds to local block trading, as well as local block trading capital composition, which also includes related party funds involved and related party sources of capital. In addition to providing proof of the relevant sources of funding, but also to provide their own and the source of funds related to all bank accounts, etc.. Multi sectoral uniform regulation of the small and medium-sized housing market will be hit? Reporters noted that in order to limit bank funds.相关的主题文章:

Wade joining the bulls is a new challenge does not want to wither in Miami – Sohu

Wade: the Bulls don’t want to be a new challenge in Miami sports Sohu withered Beijing time on September 26, 2016, according to U.S. media news, the Chicago bulls training camp will begin soon, Wade accepted the interview, said the bulls is a new challenge, and I don’t want to die in Miami. In another day, the Bulls training camp will begin, Wade will be the first time in 13 years to put on the heat outside the jersey number 3. Career, Wade had 64 times to face his hometown team, and now he has become a member of the bulls. For Wade, it’s not easy to change the team, but he’s ready. "I know very well that it’s a challenging choice to play in a new team, but I’m ready for it. For me, it feels like another challenge, and I’ve had a lot of challenges. Tomorrow, I will wear the same clothes as my opponent, we will be teammates, but there will certainly be a lot of running in the middle." This summer, Wade left the Miami heat for 13 years and joined the bulls for two years and $47 million. The new season, the Blitz will be Jimmy – Butler, Rajon – Rondo together side by side. Wade said he did not want to stay in Miami withered, but look forward to this new journey. "If I feel like I have nothing to prove, I’ll leave the basketball court, but it’s not the right time. I want to prove that even if I leave the comfort of the environment, to a completely unfamiliar system, still can play a good game." "It is a challenge for me to make such a decision at this stage of my career. But I do not want to stay in Miami slowly withered, I want to get out of the familiar environment, to meet the challenge." Last season, Wade played 74 games for the heat, the field are still able to cut the score of 19 points, and play well in the playoffs, is still a key player to determine the outcome of the game, he has also been selected for the whole of the All-Star team for the past 12 years. Although Wade is no longer young, but his understanding of the game, and the ability to match the game, the Bulls still need. "There is no risk for me," he said. This is basketball, and basketball is my major. I know the basketball game, I am very involved in the game, and now it’s my time to enjoy the game."相关的主题文章:

Lactation milk shortage Maternal lactation milk yield increase effective massage – Sohu-aspack

Lactation milk shortage? Effective galactagogues acupoint massage to increase milk volume – the Sohu in order to let the small baby have the best maternal nutrition, more and more treasure mother breast fed, is the hope that children can grow healthy and strong! However, for inexperienced mothers, breastfeeding not only hard and suffering, face the problem of insufficient milk more annoying suspired, did not find the solution. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners said, want to increase the success of milk secretion, may wish to try to rub according to help promote lactation points, to accelerate the secretion of milk. Effective galactagogues – acupoint Tanzhong position: the center of the chest line at the fourth intercostal space, between the Jordan two nipple. Function: wide chest Qi, Tongluo lactagogue effect, milk, milk adjustable Chang qi. Massage method: press 5 seconds per hole and then let go, repeat the next 30 times a day, 2 times. Effective galactagogues points – Rugen position: chest, nipple is a rib and sixth rib clearance fifth. Function: dredging meridians to help lactagogue. Massage method: press 5 seconds per hole and then let go, repeat the next 30 times a day, 2 times. Effective galactagogues points – Shaoze position: the little finger distal ulnar (finger lateral), from 1 points at the corner of a nail. Function: less Ze for milk effect points. Massage method: press 5 seconds per hole and then let go, repeat the next 30 times a day, 2 times. Effective galactagogues Acupoint Zusanli – position: knee three inches (four finger width?). Function: with the spleen and stomach, regulating qi and blood, the role of weak tonic. Massage method: press 5 seconds per hole and then let go, repeat the next 30 times a day, 2 times. Effective galactagogues point – point LR14 position: chest, nipple is below sixth, the seventh rib gap. Function: Liver Qi, stagnation of the chest, and adjusting emotion. Massage method: press 5 seconds per hole and then let go, repeat the next 30 times a day, 2 times. Effective galactagogues Taichong points – position: first, 2 intermetatarsal rear recess. Function: with liver qi, stagnation of chest, and adjusting emotion. Massage method: press 5 seconds per hole and then let go, repeat the next 30 times a day, 2 times. 10 milk to reduce the amount of the murderer to find out the reasons for immediate improvement to avoid milk reduction, in addition to moderate rubbing points conditioning, mothers can also check yourself why breast milk will become less, find out the reason and then an antidote against the disease. Add a, non-staple food two, baby nipple confusion three, water uptake decreased four, lactation period of five, six, seven after the blockage of breast mastitis, do not care to eat food and nutrition milk back eight were nine, ten, lack of sleep pressure of Himalaya FM dragonfly FM litchi FM search: Senior maternal and child care teacher to listen to more Tina maternal knowledge. With love and science care for the growth of new life, family and mother and child class. WeChat public number: mhtina相关的主题文章:

Angelababy teach you to deal with the difference in temperature in autumn clothing-ssdao

Angelababy teaches you to dress autumn temperature sooner or later lead: in October, obviously feel the breath of autumn, large temperature difference between day and night, at noon can wear short sleeved, but sooner or later, breezy, coat or long sleeved shirt is a must-have. How to dress with the fall? Just let Angelababy teach you. (content source: love beautiful) baby   baby jeans; the sun for a group photo in micro-blog, really beautiful ah, but everybody’s focus is on the belly, white dress collocation animal pattern denim jacket, loose clothing also difficult to hide the bulge. This dress is suitable for autumn wear, simple and generous, full of fashion charm. Baby recent street shoot whether it is a single product choice or accessories embellishment, are not attractive. Deep blue hat with exaggerated Round Earrings, more foil baby fine little face. Seven baby fresh collocation of white light blue sleeveless maxi dress collocation, so fresh and elegant dress, make baby look full of pure. Baby wearing a colorful shirt striped shirt with black shirt and black tights and white shoes, simple and elegant dress, can be copied, full of youthful vitality. Baby wore a small black leather motorcycle jacket in a white dress, classic black and white, baby also can wear a fresh tender young woman. Baby wearing leather stitching small leather coat a black dress spinning, so gentle girlish dress, simple and elegant, full of temperament. Baby wear Baseball Shirt black jacket over a white dress shirt, wearing a black skirt, big show legs, elegant temperament.相关的主题文章:

6 small coup, let the baby no longer covered his ears and said don’t – Sohu mother-ricky lee neely

6 small coup, let the baby no longer covered his ears and said "no" – Sohu recently have maternal YY rabbit mother asked members: teacher Hello, have a very good habit of her daughter, is the wrong thing, I said to her, she was clutching his ears around, get it back. Now she is in kindergarten, how to help her get rid of this problem? YY rabbit said: how to let the baby nursery teacher to accept criticism, this is really a big problem. Even adults accept criticism is a difficult thing, let alone children? However, the so-called Good medicine is bitter., baby sooner or later will have the first turn, exercise a strong heart. That as a parent, how can we help the baby to spend this life first? If you master these 6 small coup in criticizing the child, you can let the children slowly accept criticism! 1, crouch said to the child, the adult very tall form the sense of oppression. This will allow the child to consciously choose to escape after being criticized. When parents and children squat, head, eye contact, the child’s mood is more easy to communicate to parents. Such criticism is in communication, the child will not be excluded. 2, the ancients said behind "seven children have the responsibility", the first is "to all the blame, because want to stay face for children. The dignity of children is often overlooked, but this is the last thing to ignore. If the child is not respected, not only may be rebellious, will have a very negative impact on parent-child relationship, or even distort the child’s character. So, if the child made a mistake in public, to stop, criticize the child or to a place where only two of you to do it. 3, in a calm mood that children get angry parents, if the parents in a calm mood, I am afraid some difficult. But in fact, such a child’s mental health and parent-child relationship is a kind of protection. Because parents tend to be aggressive with anger, the child will not only subconsciously escape, resulting in conflict, it is easy to produce "Mom and dad do not love me" feeling. YY rabbit original articles. If parents can be in a calm mood to persuade and guide their children, the children will be more likely to accept the criticism of the parents. 4, that in the "seven responsibility", and a "contrite blame", when the children already know their mistakes, shame and regret, don’t blame the parents. Because the purpose of criticism is to make children aware of errors, correct mistakes. If the parents continue to criticize, even turn old, children can easily feel tired, but will generate resentment. 5 children, after showing some regrets, such as warmth move to touch his head, patted his shoulder, it can convey to children a message: Although you have done something wrong, but parents still love you. It’s a good habit to build a sense of security for the child. 6, use the sentence: you have to, I hope you can do such as "you are very polite, see the neighbor Zhang Nainai, you can take the initiative to say hello, I hope you later encounter others can also be so polite." This.相关的主题文章:

You don’t even know the real Jobs-doat

You don’t know the real Jobs the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) agency column and the island are Steamed Buns excerpts from "Jobs" author Brent Shi LAN Derek Jo Busby tetzeli we read in any other articles in the image are more complex, more human, more sentimental and even smarter. Jobs’s life is inspiring, but also full of contradictions of human nature. Jobs waved to the audience at the iPad2 conference in March 2, 2011. This is the last conference attended by Jobs, who died 7 months later. "Apple is like a burning house." In 1996, Fred Anderson at Apple headquarters, as the chief financial officer took office, he found that the Apple Corp is a mess, the first quarter loss of nearly $750 million, the product line disorderly expansion of the sharp decline in sales, such as inventory, even worse is that Apple seems to have lost the extraordinary charm of the past 20 years. In the previous three years, Apple’s board of directors has fired the CEO of any of the two, while the CEO has hired a bankruptcy consultant, is considering filing for bankruptcy. They need a CEO to turn the tide, they called the apple has been banished for 10 years Jobs. The summer of 2005, Apple Corp started to recover, Jobs also once again to fame, he is no longer a wunderkind and a rapid decline of genius, but the return of the king. Jobs began to forget the gods, mass great idealist youth committed mix, all the shortcomings exposed in the failure of APPLE III and Lisa computer project, with numerous partners expelled close cooperation relations and fall apart founded the company for ten years. Supported by neat tools and great notions of idealism no matter what the environment, Jobs is an outstanding performer, he has a superior ability of thinking and impromptu speech, can always seize every chance to sell the company. He is also the focus of media reports with pictures, typesetting and layout, because he believes that good visual effects contribute to the transmission of information. "His lines are actually carefully designed, but on stage it makes the audience feel that it is improvisation……" Bill, who took part in the apple conference several times, commented on the performance of Mr Jobs by the way of the performance of the company’s performance, such as Apple’s. Jobs’s lectures have been carefully choreographed, 2010 iPad conference is even more so. The comfortable arrangement on the stage highlights the simplicity of the iPad operation. However, Jobs’s speech on the sofa also shows that he is not in good health.   product rehearsal before the conference is always tense atmosphere. On February 2001, the day before the exhibition organized by the Tokyo MAC address Jobs and the head of marketing Phil Schiller is waiting for a problem. The day before the exhibition held in Tokyo in 2001 was Jobs Macintosh, review of the speech. Jobs revolutionized the introduction of new products. "He’s like a circus owner," he said相关的主题文章: