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Exposure hammer T3 has been 3C certification is indeed Foxconn foundry – Sohu digital [mobile china news] on the hammer T3, yesterday, there is bad news, rumors were originally scheduled for September 7th hammer T3 conference postponed. Better late than never, however. Before the industry crazy pass, the hammer T3 has been in the Foxconn pilot, now this rumor seems to have been verified. National Quality Certification Center information display, hammer technology a new model for the SM919 24 in the 3C certification, taking into account the usual style of SM at the beginning, this new machine should be a hammer T3. Public information display, hammer T3 produced by Shenzhen Fu Feng Precision Industry Co., Ltd., and the company is part of the global OEM king Foxconn. In addition, the hammer T3 charger model CD901, support 3.6-8V 3A, 9V 2.67A, 12V 2A output, should be supported by Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging technology. Hammer T3, in addition to the upgrade on the configuration, the biggest concern is that the appearance of the design. Many before the exposure of the spy photos, hammer T3 changed the bar button design, but in front of the circular Home key for this kind of Apple design, hammer powder love?相关的主题文章:

Oil price adjustment window open today or two even up this year, the largest increase in the rise – cagliari exchange

Oil price adjustment window opens today or two rising this year the largest increase in new network news agency – Photo by Wu Junjie " src=" 20160831; 201683117413.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data figure. Wu Junjie agency issued photo " > data figure. Wu Junjie agency issued photo Beijing, Beijing, September 1, (Qiu Yu) a new round of domestic oil price adjustment window will open on September 1st 24. As the international oil prices continue to rise, a number of agencies predict domestic oil prices will usher in two even up, the biggest increase this year. Major institutions on the domestic oil price rise is not the difference between the forecast. Longzhong information is expected this to raise gasoline and diesel 220-230 yuan per ton, equivalent to about 0.16-0.20 yuan per liter. WWW is expected to increase 220 yuan per ton, JOYOU information is expected to increase 240 yuan ton. Since 2016, a total of 16 domestic oil price adjustment window. Cumulative cut gasoline prices 515 yuan per ton, diesel price of 500 yuan per ton; raise gasoline prices of 780 yuan per ton, diesel price of 755 yuan per ton. "If the price increase rate of total cash, gasoline and diesel will be broken, is nearly two times the" reduction, Longzhong Information Analyst Wang Qianqian said that the price adjustment or the biggest gain since this year. The current valuation cycle, the international oil price shocks around $47-49 a barrel. As of August 30th closing, the same day, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures fell $0.63 to $46.35 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures fell $0.89 to $48.37 a barrel. JOYOU Information Analyst Zhu Yinghua said that although the international oil prices recently fell, but due to the beginning of this cycle of international crude oil is relatively high, the overall increase in crude oil moving average price. Wang Qianqian believes that this price is mainly due to the state-owned oil production could reach freezing protocol positive expectations, before the OPEC meeting held in September, frozen production protocol message continued fermentation, oil prices will also have a slight rise in space. She pointed out that the implementation of the price adjustment, the main domestic refined oil wholesale and retail price difference is expected to expand, then the gas station retail profits will continue high, and later will usher in the "golden nine silver ten" the traditional peak season, sales will have certain promotion, is expected in the three quarter of PetroChina and Sinopec retail profit will continue to rise. International crude oil prices in the first half of 2016. Source: JOYOU information next round of refined oil price adjustment window will open at 24 on September 18th. Many institutions are expected to continue to rise sharply in international oil prices. JOYOU information analysts Sangxiao said, in the absence of Iran, Iraq and other member states with the situation, the possibility of other OPEC members cut or limited production of small, even if the current limited production, producers of oil production are maintained at a high level, the excess supply of oil in short period is still difficult to improve the situation. "Plus the fed plus)相关的主题文章:

A glimpse of the American Underclass over 40 million people living under the poverty line 下北glory days

The bottom of society in the United States of America: over 40 million people living below the poverty line the bottom of American society at a glance: over 40 million people living below the poverty line source: reference news network according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the Danish photographer Eskil Sen (Joakim Eskildsen) in the past 7 months, visited 5 states, recorded the current status of American life people at the bottom. The lives of the characters in the photographs are in contrast to the "American Dream" shown on television, and their bitterness is rare. According to reports, the United States has more than 45 million people living under the poverty line, accounting for nearly 1/7 of the total population. The woman in the picture is Kate. She lives with her husband and son in the trailer. She had to send her children to live with her mother because of her husband’s abuse. In an accident, the Trailer Trailer of a family living in the fire, the fire will burn all its property. U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has sold a large number of trailers to the poor, in order to solve the housing shortage, which has repeatedly been condemned by the United States, that there are serious security risks. Darlene from South Dakota, who is a nurse she injured and disabled in an accident. She and her two children currently live in a trailer, no drinking water, only $800 a month for the disability subsidy. Darlene said: "if I go to work, I can not receive relief, but if I only live on welfare, I will always be a victim of the social system." Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was still a nightmare in the hearts of the people of the Mississippi River, where millions of people lost their homes in the hurricane and 1836 died in the hurricane. Ronald as one of the affected people, not only lost their homes, legs were injured, so had to sit on a wheelchair. Ronald currently has no place, every day waiting for volunteers to release free food on the roadside. The old man in the picture is Terry, who lives with his girlfriend in a tent in the outskirts of georgia. Terry said he and his girlfriend live here is very calm and stable, than in the city and other homeless people living together much better. Frank and the Jessica family were evicted from their homes because they were unable to repay their home loans in Georgia, where their luggage was thrown into the yard by staff. The couple had to start with 3 children to find a new home in the two. Alina and her cousin, Elizabeth, live on the Gulf of Louisiana, Mexico. Alina’s father was a local fisherman, but since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010, his father’s harvest even less than half of the previous. Alina’s mother is a cleaner, responsible for cleaning up the oil waste. The local government said it would be nice for the fishermen to recover the fish that had oil. Photographer Eskil Sen said that during filming, almost every one of the respondents in the conversation can’t help crying, "a lot of the time they see so sad it’s hard for me to face, it seems everybody may suffer their suffering." The girl and her family live in the picture相关的主题文章:

Venture capital preference shares + debt actively involved in PPP projects www.xs99.com

Venture capital preference shares + debt actively involved in the PPP project Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Li Chao in the PPP once again raised the capital market attention under the condition of long-term institutional investors as the insurance funds are also seeking as space. But judging from the current situation, the overall risk of involvement in the PPP project cautious attitude. Analysts believe that, in terms of direct investment in the PPP project, the insurance fund is currently the best option is to intervene as a financial investor, using the stock + debt mixed mode. China Insurance Regulatory Commission after the introduction of new regulations, whether the insurance funds can constitute an investment plan and as an investor, directly with the party or the construction of the composition of the parties involved in the bidding, pending further exploration. "4+1 PPP" venture capital investment in July 3rd, the CIRC website "indirect investment of insurance funds for infrastructure project management measures", put forward in terms of venture capital to broaden the investment space, the relaxation of insurance funds can be invested in infrastructure projects in the industry, the increase of government and social capital cooperation (PPP model) and other feasible investment mode. Beijing xinno law firm senior partner Huang Huazhen said that the current insurance funds in the indirect investment PPP project mainly has four forms, including debt investment plan construction, investment fund, participation in government financing funds, with investment and other financial institutions. In the form of the last kind of investment, for example, insurance funds can choose to cooperate with third party financial institutions. One with the investment of large banks, insurance funds with the bank credit risk bearing ability, strengthen the project credit; for the banks, the introduction of long term investment of insurance funds as a priority in funding, can reduce the risk of mismatching. The two is to cooperate with the trust, the replacement of trust funds to the project involved in the two financing. The three is to cooperate with the industrial fund to invest in the screening of large projects to reduce the cost of screening projects, reduce investment risk. In addition, in terms of direct investment in the PPP project, the insurance fund is currently the best option is to intervene as a financial investor, using the stock + debt mixed mode. Analysts believe that the risk of insurance funds for investment in PPP projects should focus on multiple aspects. In the pre control, the screening of the project should focus on government credit, project economic strength, corporate credit and legal compliance of the project and other factors. In the matter of control, should pay attention to the design of the terms of the contract, in advance to participate in the negotiations, agreed exclusive rights, and strengthen the cash flow detection mechanism after the investment management. The introduction of supporting policies to be in fact, insurance funds for the PPP project is focusing on, but the overall cautious attitude. China Securities Journal reporter has learned that a number of insurance institutions are associated with a good credit background PPP project approached to seek opportunities for cooperation. Insurance companies said that from a policy point of view, the CIRC promulgated the new regulations on the details of the original provisions to further improve the use of venture capital provides a better condition. On the senior partner of Tianyuan law firm相关的主题文章:

People’s daily behavior step ghost car the market don’t lose faith (video) coscoqd

People’s daily behavior step "ghost car": the market don’t lose faith yuho announced with drops of marriage, has been about the car market "domestic network boss", price trend is obvious in September 30th people’s daily news, recently, "China discovered many yuho" ghost train "of the news media is maxed passengers: use the excellent step about the car software, these vehicles quickly grab a single, automatic opening stroke does not contact the passengers, less than a minute before the end of the trip, then direct debit. Perhaps in order to escape punishment, someone’s vehicle driver deliberately put the head features black, at first glance like ghosts. The vehicle driver strange, scary, so the media called "ghost car". The author also had a similar experience: excellent step after the arrival of the vehicle, the driver claimed to be unable to see the destination on the phone, requiring passengers to add operations. According to what he said just entered a word, received a passenger has canceled travel tips. This single step did not move, but confidently draw away 20 yuan fee schedule. Obviously, I also in the ghostly black technology was poison. Although pofeizhouzhe finally get a refund, but this time, the cost of traffic during waste, and anger chagrin, reasoning to whom?! For ghost car problem, the relevant person in charge of the best step to the media, said the case is caused by a single brush driver behavior, passengers encounter similar problems, according to the prompts on the platform to complete the refund operation". Although the answer quite satisfactory, but passengers may not buy it: this thing, light the refund is finished? Ken under the original capital market, why not lean anti blocking black technology? Why do not you have a sincere apology for the loss of the passengers? This "money trouble, the crap" attitude is not impersonal? Aside from the ghost car such a special case, there are a lot of passengers on the merits of other services step Tucao: for example, there is no artificial customer service phone and voice mail, mobile phone APP only fixed options for feedback. Feel passengers: they are too lazy to listen to any sound format views outside, the consumers are as cold, only the economic property without the object of emotional experience, not willing to buy and sell outside the relationship, more communication. Again, and asked the passengers to use the Alipay payment step, must be bound "security withholding function has not yet confirmed the surviving passengers and the driver, the amount of the dispute cases, it can also direct debit. This is not King terms? In addition, many passengers complain, excellent step does not provide any consumer electronic credentials, in the event of a dispute, the lack of strong evidence in the hands of consumers. Yuho disregard consumers these calls is really not to hear, or pretend not to hear? Admittedly, the network about cars is the use of "Internet plus" optimization of transportation resources, to meet the needs of innovation and wonderful trip. It can eventually break through the institutional mechanisms to prevent legalization, and quickly on the scale, but also because it has been the general public’s heartfelt love and strong support. However, the "labor is modest, with numerous; arrogance supercilious, to the many", "the cornerstone of Internet plus" service providers to settle down for thousands of "grassroots", once the business platform feel wings, can not go to the consumer, but humble posture相关的主题文章:

Easy to respond to the network about the car rules will actively implement and carry out the qualifi www.yinwowo.com

Easy to network in response to the car about the details: will actively implement and carry out the application for the qualification of Tencent technology news news October 8th, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the relevant departments issued about car rules, development of network about cars made specification. Which requires the application of the network in Beijing taxi driver’s license driver, the need to comply with the city’s household registration and other conditions, the Shanghai network about the car needs Shanghai Ji, Shanghai brand. This easy to respond, easy to adhere to and actively promote compliance management according to the law, will actively implement the rules for the implementation of the new deal and the network about the car around and around, according to the draft timetable, relevant policies and suggestions feedback to the competent departments through the normal channels, and actively carry out the qualification to apply for a job. The following is the full text in response: easy to pay attention to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen city today announced a draft, this is about the car network throughout the implementation of "management measures" landing policy, reflected comments itself is an open innovation. Easy to adhere to and actively promote compliance management according to the law, will actively implement the rules for the implementation of the new deal and the network about the car around and around, according to the draft timetable, relevant policies and suggestions feedback to the competent departments through the normal channels, and actively carry out the qualification to apply for a job. Network about the car as one of the representative industries of the shared economy, play an important role in revitalize the stock of vehicle resources, to meet the diverse needs of the individual personalized travel, increase social employment, etc.. The new economy, new energy, the healthy development of the new industry requires both policy norms, but also need to give room for development. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", access to the Stanford University report: 2030 artificial intelligence and Life Report Download link.相关的主题文章: