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Samsung Note  7 China incident to consumers apologize — communication channel, September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Jianbin) recently occurred in the Samsung Note7 mobile phone recall and burning loss events, and because of the lack of detailed instructions to consumers brings trouble and worry on product safety, China Samsung in September 29th in a statement on its official website to apologize to consumers, at the same time that Samsung attaches great importance to China market, never and will never use a double standard for China. In a statement, Chinese Samsung said that in September 1st, sales of Chinese official of the state line version of Note 7 is controlled under the system of production in the global unified quality standard and product, is used and overseas in September 2nd announced the recall of products of different suppliers of battery products. Currently, the replacement of the new Note 7 products in the overseas market also uses the same supplier provided by the national line version of the battery. So far, more than 150 thousand of consumers worldwide, including more than 1 million of consumers are using. According to the statement, before the official listing of Note7, Samsung through the Lok ha community and other channels, with the old way to provide consumers with 1858 test experience machine. Because the test experience using the same as the United States, South Korea, the market needs to recall the battery, there may be potential risks. Samsung is currently active in the relevant state departments for the record, in accordance with the global standards for recycling. So far most of the test machine has been recovered, the remaining part of the ongoing communication with the user contact. For the Chinese version of the Note 7 occurred in the event of burning loss, Samsung said it would take the initiative to contact the user for the first time and access to relevant information. Under the premise of obtaining the user’s permission, Samsung joint battery suppliers and third party authority to detect the problem of a comprehensive inspection of the product. After receiving the other issues of burning products, Samsung will carry out the relevant testing, reported to the relevant government departments and timely disclosure of relevant test results. It is reported that, in case of Note7 mobile fuel loss, consumers can contact the customer service hotline Samsung (4008105858), there will be someone to answer and deal with related issues. (end) (commissioning editor Yang Bo and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章:

From tomorrow, Beijing is not the real name of the mobile phone card can only be scored-matlab 等高线�

Tomorrow is not the real name of Beijing mobile phone card can not play into Sina Technology News October 14th news, according to Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom, Beijing Telecom recently issued the announcement, tomorrow (October 15th), not the real name system of mobile phone card will be in the one-way stop, which can not play into the. In July this year, the three operators in Beijing branch jointly issued "on the further implementation of the true identity of the phone user information registration requirements of the notice", notice that for non real name mobile phone card, October 15, 2016, telecommunications companies will suspend communications services in accordance with the law. Notice issued after 2 months, the three operators of the real name of Statistics found again: Beijing still has more than 100 non real name number is not the real name, Beijing Unicom 800 thousand number is not the real name, Beijing Telecom has 350 thousand number is not the real name. September, the three operators once again announced that starting in October 15th, will not be a single batch of real name phone stop, that can only be scored can not play. In November 30th yet before the real name registration number, it will take neither scored nor hit the "stop" measures. Early in May this year, the Ministry issued "on the implementation of the" Anti Terrorism Law "and other laws and regulations to further improve the true identity of the phone user information registration work notice", the notification specified, not the real name of the user does not have information for board, operators can stop the communication service, and ensure the communication requirements of enterprises in this year in December 31st before the phone user name rate reached more than 95%, June 30, 2017 reached 100%. (Anne)相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong stocks before the holidays – pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 67539 cattle bear trend

Hong Kong stocks before the holidays – pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 67539 cattle bear trend 69499 hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Hong Kong stocks fell for the three trading days after the trend in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday to see early Thursday stabilized somewhat, weight more than 23200 points, but no rebound. The Federal Reserve interest rate hike this month on market opportunities outside the stock market short-term trend again, Hong Kong stocks in the past few days, also by more than a year highs, and successive fall of 10 antenna and 20 antenna level, but near the HSI fell to 23200 points, no obvious to, or reflect the decline in the level of the big city near or initial huffing injection, investors or reference twenty-three thousand for support, and watch the big city, whether there was a significant rebound after the holiday, the first at the target or reference level of 10 antenna. The flow of funds, Hong Kong stocks Wednesday slightly adjusted index of more than 12 million yuan into the cattle permit, and bear the inflow of about 1 million 700 thousand yuan; five trading days ended Wednesday, the Hang Seng Index of cattle permit outflow of more than 60 million yuan, and bear the same period into more than 140 million yuan. As promising HSI, or consider the cattle 67539, recover the price of 22700 points, 17 years until September, the actual leverage of 32.7 times, 10000 to 1 dollar exchange rate; for other good choice, or consider the cattle 67081, recover the price of 22500 points, 17 years until September, the actual leverage of 26.1 times, the exchange rate of 10000 1 against. The Hang Seng index such as bearish trend, if you want to make more aggressive deployment, or consider the bear 69499, recover the price of 23800 points, 17 years until February, the actual leverage of 28.7 times, the exchange ratio 10000 against 1, attention should be paid to recover the risk investors before deployment to the other; bearish choice, or can be considered constant to bear 69623 back the price of 23900 points, 17 years until March, the actual leverage of 25.5 times, the exchange ratio 10000 against 1. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

[this] together to learn, a guest at home do not panic! – Sohu to eat and drink-小坂めぐる

[this] together to learn, a guest at home do not panic! – Sohu today share a refreshing drink leaves simple, special dishes, down to earth, but also countless friends often have a headache, a lot of friends that do not eat cold food, do not know how to mix well, today the leaves will share a simple but delicious way. This salad lettuce leaves home is very love fresh dishes, today is used in soy mix, a little pepper, pepper hemp fragrance, if not love spicy chili and pepper can be removed, the taste is still good… […] lettuce 400 grams [main ingredients] [a piece of red pepper a piece of ginger, garlic sauce] four, soy sauce, vinegar, a little amount of valve, oil amount, dry pepper, dried pepper 4, a small amount of cooked sesame production steps ready for raw materials. Shredded lettuce, can also use the grater plane into the wire. Red pepper cut wire. Ginger, garlic cut into the end. Dried pepper cut into small. Cold pot of cold oil into the dry pepper and dry pepper, fire slowly let the fragrance out. (with a small pot to operate better, because the oil consumption and easy operation etc.) when dry black pepper color slightly dry pepper and dried pepper removed, then add garlic and saute, add soy sauce, vinegar to boil. Lettuce and red peppers together, pour well marinated juice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. [tip], chilli pepper seeds do not remove, together with chili together in a very fragrant, when fried out of pepper and pepper will not leave chilli seed removal; two, if you think this trouble, there is a more simple, direct and do chili oil, add soy sauce, vinegar a mix, homemade chili oil practices in the public, private sauce menu. Leaves the kitchen senior nutrition lecturer, two nutritionists full-time delicacy contributor to millions of fans of CCTV, Beijing TV, Hebei TV, Shaanxi TV and other files show guests more delicacy delicacy please pay attention to the public number: yezidexiaochu Sina: micro-blog leaves the kitchen all the articles are original, welcome forwarding!   相关的主题文章:

Bond market is still optimistic about the long-term interest rate hike in December-wegener肉芽肿

The bond market is still optimistic about the long-term interest rate of the Federal Reserve in December to raise interest rates in the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: the bond market is still optimistic about the long-term by the substantial increase in the size of credit and real estate recovery effect, a quarter economic data than expected, the economic rebound rebound, April to black as the representative of the sharp rise in commodity futures, bonds out of the wave of a substantial fall in prices. At the end of April to early May, the market oversold after a retaliatory rebound, the bond yield curve down, then the bond futures high consolidation concussion. In mid June, influenced by the British back in Europe, the market risk aversion, global bond yields lower, Japan, German debt was negative earnings, Chinese bond yields lower, bond futures continued high. 6, July until mid August, the market continued to rise since the beginning of the year, the market is abundant in funds, trading is very active, the bond market out of the wave of the bull market in a larger range of prices in the market, the market is very active in the market, the market is very active in the market, the market is very active, and the market is very active, and the market is very active. In August 15th, the central bank after half a year to restart the 14 day reverse repo market caused for liquidity concerns, the bond market pressure, yields a substantial upward, bond futures down, late to close a long shadow Doji, experienced up to three months after the bond market opened a wave of significant adjustment. Short term internal rate of increase is too large, the superposition of the policy to continue to tighten the lever, the market fiery mood appears to be cooling. After more than and 20 days of adjustment, bond futures gradually stabilized in the 60 day moving average, followed by a slight rebound, weak economic fundamentals and prudent monetary policy based on the central bank, still remain high. 9 days before and after the National Day holiday period, to curb housing prices, the country’s 19 city issued a new policy of real estate regulation and control measures, most of the city beyond 2011, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing and Xiamen city belong to overweight control, called the history of the most stringent". Regulatory efforts have been more than expected, the policy may have to rise to the impact of the real estate development of the overall situation, the overall situation of reform. Many property market regulation policies are to curb speculative investment demand, curb excessive price increases, the stability of the real estate market. From the central bank monetary policy and money supply point of view, the overall tone of the central bank policy later will still adhere to the stable and slightly loose direction adjustment means more flexible, creating moderate monetary and financial environment for structural reforms. In the second half, the central bank will continue to actively use the potential rate of open market operations, directional liquidity and other combined tools to maintain a reasonable flow of liquidity, stable market interest rates. China’s monetary policy may still face capital flows and exchange rate fluctuations caused by pressure on the fed to tighten monetary policy, but the central bank after previous large fluctuations in the exchange rate, the exchange rate maintained at a reasonable interval, while maintaining moderate easing domestic liquidity level policy operation is relatively mature, therefore, the fourth quarter of liquidity is expected to remain in general smooth. In the first three quarters of 2016, the Fed’s rate hike is expected to change, the global market volatility相关的主题文章:

Haoran day financial investment strategy Yellen an OPEC production sing the same old song-1256789

Haoran: finance investment strategy Yellen reached a limiting OPEC sing the same old song clients view the latest market news Wednesday in the foreign exchange market have some new changes, an informal meeting of OPEC production agreement contrary to market expectations. Fed chairman Yellen’s speech did not sing the same old song what idea, however, the market interest rate the degree of concern has been heating up. Affected by this, the foreign exchange market, precious metals market volatility is relatively stable, the crude oil market affected by the news side, rose. The foreign exchange market for each currency zhangdiehuxian, not out of synchronization is reflected in the market, the dollar index closed Wednesday and Tuesday, almost completely flat. Dollar index closed at 95.42, down by 0.02%, amplitude of 0.37%. The market is still a continuation of the pattern of sideways, such a sideways trend since last week has continued to the present, now no signs of a breakthrough trend. Currency, the euro dollar shock go flat, average 5 days began to go flat, the pound against the dollar fluctuations around the average 5 days, average 5 days began to go flat. The Australian dollar continues to run along the 5 day moving average, short-term daily rising trend continues, but overall is still rangebound daily, will face the highest point in September 8th, is expected to have a greater pressure in the above 0.77. U.S. dollar against the yen after a continuous decline, began to rebound slightly, rebounded to the top of the 5 day average line, and led to the beginning of the 5 day moving average. Dollar fell sharply, but the decline is not under the state and trend of decline, fell sideways, do not have the technical state of unilateral, also does not have any breakthrough. Gold and silver, out of the technical state of the same, that is to remain rangebound daily level of gold, the shock interval is around 1320 for $40 shock. Silver is going up and down around $19. From the current point of view, do not see any signs of a breakthrough, the operation should be carried out to shock ideas, with a small cycle to determine the transaction. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen delivered an important speech at the U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing yesterday. Yellen said that the Fed did not raise interest rates fixed timetable. However, she hinted that if the unemployment rate continues to decline, the economy continued to grow steadily, will increase interest rates at the end of the year. Yellen said, many of my colleagues said in their most recent forecast, if everything goes according to current trends, not what significant new risks appear, they think this year to raise interest rates to take action is appropriate. The rate of employment growth is higher than the level of sustainable development. There is no upward pressure on inflation. If jobs continue to be at the present rate, the U.S. economy will eventually overheat. If this happens, then the Fed may be forced to accelerate the benchmark interest rate. US Republican presidential candidate Trump in this week’s presidential election the first debate on shelling Yellen. He said that the Fed did not do their best to make decisions about political factors, lack of independence. Delayed interest rate hike has led to a huge bubble in the stock market. Yellen has been reluctant to raise interest rates, in order to boil down to Obama. By the time he left the White House, the federal reserve.相关的主题文章: