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Comments: VR stadium Intel how to do the layout? This article comes from the love of children PC era, Intel to chip manufacturing out of the world, but with the rise of mobile intelligent devices, PC market gradually depressed, but Intel also missed the mobile chip market. After the rise of VR, Intel also pay close attention to the layout of this area, but VR can help Intel stand up? Acquisitions and investments in parallel, covering different areas of VR today, foreign media reported that Intel is preparing for the acquisition of VR live virtual reality company Voke. Previously, New York fashion week Intel has worked with Voke’s platform TrueVR completed the VR live, while Intel or Voke A round of financing investors. Intel James Carwana said, with the motion capture, network connectivity, data analysis and interactive technology innovation, sports should begin to develop in the direction of digitization. Intel is building a range of solutions to provide a new, immersive experience for athletes, sports enthusiasts and content producers." Because Voke through the VR broadcast NBA and the North American Hockey League (NFL) is famous for sports, and general VR live only by the content producers decided to view is different, Voke allows users to view, arbitrary switching in the broadcast process to adjust the video schedule. In addition, it also provides 2D video streaming content to mobile devices, tablets and tvs. Voke technology, select the multi camera program, in 180° semicircular disk join 12 cameras to shoot 3D images, using fisheye lens, ensure the realization of 360 degrees around the time to maintain depth and 3D effect. In addition to the acquisition of Voke, Intel has also acquired an Israeli 3D video technology company Replay in the live broadcast. Replay major sports events broadcast. Intel has been in the VR sports live action, with its newly established "immersion sports entertainment" business related. Previously, Intel also announced the acquisition of computer vision chip company Movidius. Movidius can provide low-power computer vision chip, can be used for unmanned aerial vehicles, VR AR head display equipment. Intel annual investment conference, Intel investment company also announced that it would give the total investment of about $38 million for the 12 technology startups, the start-up companies main business focused on big data analysis, AR and VR technology. Low middle and high market together, Intel layout in what way? Hongkong VR AR MR ecosystem summit this year, Intel sales director Gao Yu said that Intel can provide high performance CPU and GPU, which is still one of its advantages in the field of VR, because the performance of only CPU and GPU are strong enough.相关的主题文章:

Zuckerberg Sun family portrait as a Viking dog again to steal the spotlight kisstudou

Zuckerberg Sun family portrait as a Viking dog again Qiangjing TechWeb11 reported on 4 of the open in foreign countries, as if everyone is the master Cosplay Facebook CEO, which also includes the Zuckerberg family. In the past Halloween, Zuckerberg put on a new family portrait, his wife and eleven month old daughter, and faithful dog together, dressed as Vikings (or the Vikings) won the praise of numerous. A Viking, a lamb and a lovely little Zuckerberg sun new family portrait as a sheep dog too lens in the comments area said Zuckerberg, this dress is inspired by the movie "Dragon Master", and they will really participate in the "trick or treat" the traditional project forward to knock on the door of the children of sugar. Zuckerberg said that the sugar is too funny photos, only eleven month old daughter Max was dressed as a dragon, the most eye-catching is dressed as a sheep dog Beast, actually obediently wearing a hat. But Zuckerberg said, Beast is not OK. Want to come in order to meet the owner of a swing. Facebook recently released third quarter earnings, excellent performance. However, due to the company’s future revenue growth is expected to slow down, resulting in the company’s share price fell 7%, affected by this, the net assets of small bundles within $3 billion 800 million to shrink $two. Share prices have gone up and down, Zuckerberg almost all of the assets donated, would not care about this. He said he has confidence in the future of control, Facebook has begun to double bet video live. (open air)相关的主题文章:

Wang Jianlin small target, one hundred million – Sohu Technology cashmere mafia

Wang Jianlin: small target, one hundred million Sohu technology media training camp reported in August 29th August 29th in the "Lu Yu Wen Gao Liang Chun, some large coffee day" chat show, Wang Jianlin sentence "first set a small goal, for example I make it one hundred million red burst network. Coincidentally, in June this year, robbed Wang Jianlin’s richest man Title Ma said: "the biggest mistake of my life is the creation of Alibaba." As a result, netizens joked: the most distant thing than Wang Jianlin’s small goals and mistakes made by ma". Although the "golden words" from netizens reflects a interpret out of context, but a kind of cultural phenomenon and trendy entertainment. In the same "Lu Yu about big coffee day" program, when it comes to mind how big the stage is as big, really right?" This topic, Wang Jianlin said the heart and the stage is a gradual amplification process, many students come up to say to do but even do the richest man, which are not too clear, have this idea, want to do want to do the best in the world, the world’s largest is right. "But it’s best to set a small goal that can be achieved, for example, if I earn one hundred million first. Do you think you can make one hundred million in a few years?. You are planning five or three years, it should be up to the next, we say the next goal, I ran to the 1 billion, the 10 billion, the next year, the next one hundred million." "The biggest mistake of my life was the creation of the Alibaba," Ma Yun said at the twentieth St Petersburg international economic forum. I never thought the Alibaba would change my life. I just want to do a little business." Ma Yun said that if there is an afterlife, and do not want to do such a large-scale Alibaba business, I just want to be myself, I just want to enjoy my life. Shututonggui, Ma and Wang Jianlin are telling the same story: sometimes success depends on luck, but the target must start small, down-to-earth. Wang Jianlin commercial version of the "honest man, smart things, create wealth and benefit the society", "international Wanda, Wanda hundred enterprises", the enterprise culture has experienced great changes in, and this is further reflected in the Wanda business process. By commercial real estate since Wang Jianlin does not meet the build up the family fortunes, real estate, to enter the culture of that moment, it means "money is not everything, money is wanda". Netizens ridicule, Wang Jianlin step by step to achieve. Currently, Wanda cultural group has four layout: film and television sector, sports sector, tourism sector and children’s entertainment sector. The so-called entertainment to death, driving people into the trend of Wanda’s pocket. Is Wang Jianlin going to buy the world?" This is Wanda Group acquired legendary pictures, netizens issued exclaimed. In fact, Wanda began the layout of the global market in the early 2012, opened a "buy buy buy" pace: in May 2012, Wanda $2 billion 600 million acquisition of the second American theater company AMC (then in the largest acquisition in the United States); June 2015, Wanda acquired Leah Australia second yard line Hoyts; January 2016, Wanda $3 billion 500 million the acquisition of the legendary pictures; 201.相关的主题文章:

Bank of America Merrill Lynch lowered Vinda to neutral target price of 16.1 yuan

Merrill Lynch fell Vinda to neutral rating target price of 16.1 yuan a thousand thousand shares hot column capital flows on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Merrill Lynch report said down Vinda International (03331.HK) investment rating from "buy" from "neutral", because the company’s share price since March of this year was up 28%, 2017 reached 23 times earnings, roughly the same as in the past three years the average level. The bank refers to Vinda’s third quarter results are expected, but China’s regional sales growth is weaker than expected. The bank believes that Vinda’s current valuation reflects its solid growth prospects, but the recent slowdown in China’s business, which may limit the short-term upside of its stock space. Merrill Lynch said, raised on Vinda in 2016 to 2017 earnings per share of 14% and 4%, due to foreign exchange losses reflect the smaller than expected, and reduce the cost of the pulp. Target price increased by 15 yuan, up from $16.1 to $7%, which is quite forecast 2017 earnings ratio of 24 times. (both) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Close the NASDAQ stocks closed higher on record winpm

The high praise team placing enough training time short effect of tactical system and build a national football tactical system is not mature in 2018 World Cup 12 strong Asian Cup second round ended last night, China men’s national team in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center 0 home court 0 draw with the enemies of Iran, the harvest of the first integral. After the game, the officers and men are satisfied with the performance of the field. Wu Lei tripped up by the referee didn’t give in this field to follow the 532 penalty system, but starting three adjustments, Zhang Yuning, Hao Junmin and Zhao Mingjian entered the list of 11 people. Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng fifth minutes attack and Amiri collided, the latter in the get the ball is still the case without feet, fell on the ground was sincere expression of pain, and move down the floor, unable to continue the game of. After the departure, his left knee was immediately spread on the ice, then he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Substitute goalkeeper Gu Chao ushered in the first round of the 12 game show. The Iran team also lost a general in twenty-second minutes, defender Montazeri landed with suspected dislocated shoulder, but also sit on the ambulance. In the first half, both teams failed to break. The second half of the opening 6 minutes, the national defense mistakes, the Iran team played after blocking the match, but the final shot hit high, the Chinese team escaped. 4 minutes later, Zhang changed Huang Bowen, the country gradually regain control of midfield, attack opportunities began to increase. Seventeenth minutes after Zhang Linpeng breakthrough, the ball Zhang Xizhe zhisai, Wu Lei in the restricted area almost directly face the goalkeeper, but in personal guard interference, has not obtained the opportunity to hit the door. Eighty-fifth minutes, Iran miskick, Wu Lei alert after stealing the ball was a defender tripped in the penalty area, but the referee did not penalty. The last time Iran stormed back, fortunately the Orangemen concentrate, Gu Chao also play a stable, 0 to 0 score to the whistle. Zeng Jing injury back goalkeeper was praised for this result, the players have said they can accept. Captain Feng Xiaoting said: "after the first game, we (12 match) have some knowledge and understanding the level of competition, the second game we played better than the first game for good, impact each other, we have to (for)." He believes that the team in the goalkeeper Zeng Cheng back injury not panic, to fight opponents with a low profile, "they (should) feel lucky, we were in a. After all, Iran ranked first in Asia, there is still a certain strength." Gu Chao although slightly regret for the draw, but satisfied with the overall play of the game. "We set goals before the game, the home must make their own momentum, we play the technical and tactical style." He disclosed that the state of the foot is quite adequate for the preparation of the coach Gao Hongbo midfielder in the dressing room on the players were told, the second half of the team as a whole has played a good. For their own this time stepped in, he used the "contrary to expectation is expected to describe yourself:" in peacetime training has also been told myself to be ready, because this is a high level stage. I want to adjust the mentality, the usual practice to play out." A high satisfaction refers to the spirit of Gao Hongbo in the postgame news conference also praised the team’s performance: "in the first half"相关的主题文章:

The electronic payment of war spread Ali rushing Tencent in Southeast Asia haywire

Electronic payment Tencent Ali war spread "rushing" southeast original title: Ali, the Tencent "rushing" southeast newspaper reporter Liang Li Guangzhou review reported in the past 5 years, Asian countries electronic payment increase in the average increase in GDP growth of 0.06 percentage points. As the biggest competitor Chinese two domestic mutual, Internet giant Alibaba and Tencent to extend the reach of Southeast Asia, by virtue of its powerful payment platform, change the local banking industry is both the pattern. Visa (VISA) latest survey study commissioned by Moodie analysis shows that in the past 5 years, Asian countries electronic payment increase in the average increase in GDP growth of 0.06 percentage points. From 2011 to 2015, expanding the use of electronic payment, including credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards, brought to the economy of Philippines of 4 billion 600 million pesos (about $100 million) growth, at the same time each year to create the equivalent of 3460 jobs, though, Philippines still lags behind the peripheral countries. In the rest of the Southeast Asian countries, the use of electronic payment stimulating Thailand 0.19% growth in Vietnam Singapore growth of 0.14%, growth of 0.1%, the electronic payment of the three countries in recent years have made great contribution to the growth of GDP. DBS Bank (DBS) said in an interview with CEO Piyush Gupta11 on Sept. 14, China Internet giant Alibaba and Tencent with its powerful payment platform, is to change the existing pattern of banking industry in Southeast asia. He believes that the Alibaba owned by Alipay and WeChat in the Tencent’s two largest payment platform, has brought huge impact to the banking industry ecological China. As China’s biggest competitor to each other, their tentacles extend to other parts of asia. As one of the emerging economies in Asia, the electronic payment market in Thailand is becoming more and more mature and has great potential for development. According to the Ministry of Commerce had quoted the Thailand media reported that the Central Bank of Thailand in 2016 for the first quarter of the national electronic payment data report, Thailand with the total amount of electronic payment transactions completed about 3 trillion and 880 billion baht. Its electronic payments include transfers, spending on goods and services, and salaries paid to employees through peers or across the board. The Thailand Central Bank report shows that online banking services is still one of the most popular choice of the Thai way of payment, followed by mobile banking services. Mobile banking services are increasingly recognized and loved by consumers, which can provide a more convenient payment experience with smart phones. In the past, ATM banking services are ranked before the mobile banking services. As of the first quarter of 2016, with the help of Thailand domestic online banking payments and transfers the total transaction amount of 2 trillion and 560 billion baht, an increase of 361 billion 420 million baht. Such a high amount of transactions from the side reflects the increasing acceptance of consumer electronic payment methods. As for mobile banking or mobile banking services, the cumulative transaction amount of 358 billion 560 million in the first quarter of 2016相关的主题文章: