Man addicted to female anchor anger filled 40 thousand brain heat simply can not stop freelander2

Man addicted female anchor 40 thousand days ago: anger filled head did not stop, Ms. Zhang calls her husband two months ago began to keen to see a webcast — is to look at the female anchor! He was a total of about 40 thousand dollars, should not have to buy a gift to send out, I would like to ask, recharge the money to this platform can not come back? Ms. Zhang, after 80, is a 13 year old girl’s mother, her husband two years older than her. The couple from the field to Hangzhou to do a little business, through the common struggle of living conditions gradually improved, did not expect recently because of the network broadcast, two people have a little awkward. It turned out that two months ago, Ms. Zhang’s husband hooked on the webcast, like living on the live platform and some beautiful anchor interaction. Interaction on the gift, he spent a lot of money. October 1st, 2, live platform to engage in activities, my husband went to the platform on the platform for the past two days filled with a total of twenty thousand. I saw him Alipay record two days, 1 days, 2 day to 8, 2688 yuan each." Ms. Zhang said, from my husband began to pay attention to the webcast, he invested a total of about forty thousand yuan into the platform. Turn 15 times $2688, there are a few times more than 1 thousand." Ms. Zhang said that the family room, her husband at night alone in the small reading room. "He live I know, I have to remind him of this, to spend money, did not think he really spend money! I found something wrong these days, because he slept late at night and didn’t sleep at two or three in the morning. I’m going to check his record…… Oh, he is also boring, right? Married a long time, what also didn’t talk again, daughter in the school campus." Ms. Chang’s husband in the light of the live broadcast platform, a female anchor in the live drink milk   I asked her husband what is good on the Internet? He said the brain fever, can not control, I really can not figure out, if only a day, how to give the anchor so much money? I asked her husband what is good on the Internet? He said he had a fever." In order to understand her husband, Zhang decided to personally experience. "I also live on the platform to see, very boring ah, according to a normal person’s thinking how would like it? Can say now webcast too harmful, make family discord." Eventually, the couple decided to sit down and talk. My husband now regret it, recharge the money to the platform, it should not have to buy a gift to send out, my husband usually no hobbies, the couple also no contradiction." Ms. Zhang emotion: ah, men do not know what to think! Such a large sum of money, there is no actual consumption, so spent out, they can not accept. It is said that women impulse consumption, even if the brain heat spend 5000 dollars to buy clothes, bought a regret, but the clothes can be worn, but the network can bring you what?" The 80 housewife also summarized in one sentence: "the webcast can be said to be the enemy of the world woman, what do you think?" Daily economic news reporter learned that Zhang’s husband often attend the live platform, known as the most.相关的主题文章:

Give your meatball head change variable buy a chic hair so simple magicq

Give your meatball head change variable buy a chic hair so simple introduction: many girls love tie ball head, looks cute, but the same ball bullish somewhat monotonous, actually a simple hair can be a big change, whether it is a minimalist or lovely line, can quickly reach. To buy a chic hair ball head air goddess fan: beautiful crystal hair looks very beautiful, worn on the head of the goddess Fan Shizu. Reference price: $34 or about 226 yuan to buy the address: about RMB 186 yuan to buy the address: about RMB 300 yuan to buy the address: about RMB 66 yuan to buy the address:相关的主题文章:

The high speed plan typical change the line behind the competing interests 7470d

The high speed plan typical: change the line behind the interests of Haixi Expressway plans "typical" high speed change line crosses the village behind the competing interests – reporter Chen Feng intern reporter Huang Tina Beijing reported to the rich, first road. When a connected Quanzhou to Xiamen highway through the village, Guo Dong Shi Cen Cun town of Fujian province Quanzhou Jinjiang City, the villagers are not happy. Over the past two years, in the village had high speed "good sound, their emotions from the initial excitement and expectation, now become frustrated or angry. Everything from the highway through the village line program selection controversy: the original determination of the highway around the village program, unexpectedly be put through the village program to replace. Compared to two, "through the village plan" involving a large number of demolition, and cause damage to this village has a history of 700 years. In a number of villagers, the village program was the reason to win, or doping with local interests considerations. "The local government intends to use the funds allocated by the province, built high-speed completed the demolition and land reserve, the equivalent of a ride." One villager said. "China Times" reporter found in the related documents, the original work in phase (phase of project feasibility study) A scheme "(around the village plan), the" B program "(through the village plan), but in the preliminary design stage in exchange. The villagers suspect that the line planning design units in the relevant reporting scheme, staged a "typical" drama. Reporters call the Fujian Provincial Communications Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, have not received a direct response. Jinjiang city mayor Li Deming met with stone town declined an interview. However, the local demolition work is promoting, caused by the villagers’ rights activities to break the quiet village. "We changed the line of inexplicable Guo Cen Cun is a 700 years of history of the ancient village, the villagers to participate in the Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan story, still popular." Guo Cen Cun villagers Yang Tianchang proudly told reporters. In recent years, in order to speed up the layout of the West Strait Economic Zone, the Fujian provincial government to develop the "three vertical and eight horizontal, three ring, twenty-five" the highway network planning, and intends to build "Sha Zhangquan City Union high-speed road in Sha Zhangquan metropolitan area". Guo Cen Cun is located in the "Sha Zhangquan City Alliance high-speed" road construction. Highway repair front door, for such entrepreneurial Guo Cen Cun village, is undoubtedly a big positive. Villagers have also worried about the construction of the highway will be a large number of their production, living space, but this concern will soon disappear. At the beginning of 2015, Guo Cen Cun villagers by asking that the two scheme of Expressway Xiazhang Quan Guo Quanzhou Cen Cun section planning routes will be built around the village, namely "plan A", across the villages "plan B". Design units are more inclined to the former, the villagers also hold the same opinion. It is understood that around the village of A program, to avoid the villagers housing, business intensive areas, the road will go through the village on the side of the open space, will not cause a significant impact on the lives of local villagers. When the villagers still immersed in the excitement of the village path, "bad news" suddenly. In mid 2015, the government sent the survey and construction.相关的主题文章:

Both oil and coal to support 3000 points still lose after having got it – energy –

Both oil and coal to support   3000 points still lose after having got it – energy – original title: 3000 points to support both oil and coal oil, coal still lose after having got it on Thursday, both to support the market, lead the market rebound, the stock index was recovered 3000 point integer, but not the 3000 foot long campaign to lose after having got it. Analysts pointed out that today is the last trading day before the holiday, should pay attention to the trend of the RMB exchange rate of RMB, the property market boom and influence factors such as SDR, these factors or the influence of funds into the stock market expectations, thereby affecting the market trend. Yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opening to go, under the boost of coal and oil sector, prev 3000 point mark integer station, brokerage stocks also will force stronger. In the afternoon, both sides continued to 3000 point battle, but the bull power is insufficient, the stock index eventually fell 3000 points, at 2998.48 points, or 0.36%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10512.25 points, or 0.43%. Gem index reported 2146.18 points, or 0.31%. Two city turnover is still in the doldrums, a total turnover of 323 billion 400 million yuan. Among them, the Shanghai stock market turnover of 122 billion 700 million yuan, turnover of 200 billion 700 million yuan in shenzhen. Lianxun securities analyst Chen Yong believes that the recent market turnover remained low, the market rose and fell to the resonance caused by money. The National Day holiday approaching, the market will usher in the last trading day today, during the holiday season should pay attention to the trend of the RMB exchange rate of RMB, the property market boom and influence factors such as SDR, these factors or the influence of funds into the stock market expectations, thereby affecting the market trend. In the hot spots of unknown circumstances, currently recommended control positions, stock on enterprise performance. From the disk, the petroleum, the coal industry has become the highlight, fertilizer, papermaking, chemical fiber, brokerage, delivery logistics industry is also among the biggest gainers, airports, highways, decoration, telecommunications, aerospace industries are among the top decliners. By OPEC to reach the agreement to reduce the news stimulus, the oil industry yesterday strengthened, Zhongtian energy closed up more than 6%, Donghua energy rose more than 4%, Sinopec rose more than 1%. For the subsequent impact of the incident, Chen Yong believes that the media reports of each member country production will determine the number of formal meetings at OPEC on November, but less likely to reach a production agreement, expects its political stance is greater than the actual effect. Is about to enter in October, the country will usher in the winter coal storage period, which means that the price of coal continues to rise in power at the same time, downstream demand will also be expanded again. Affected by this, the coal stocks strong performance yesterday, Kailuan shares rose more than 5%, Jizhong energy, Lu’an rose more than 4%, Shaanxi coal, Yangquan coal, open-air coal and other shares rose more than 3%. For the recent direction of stock, Guotai Junan that can layout along the high quality assets and profit line. Although the short-term monetary easing is expected to subside, but the stock of excess money and risk appetite unchanged low market environment, high-quality assets will become the main line of capital chasing. In addition, after the adjustment of the profitability of the early recovery of fine相关的主题文章:

These 8 dangerous signals on the car do not solve the scrapped sooner or later! – Sohu car

These 8 dangerous signals on the car do not solve the scrapped sooner or later! – we’re going to hear a lot of noise when we’re in the car. Some of the noises that we can hear, some of which are reasonable noises, and some of the unusual noises caused by the failure of the car. But in addition to listening to the sound, we will see or feel some unusual phenomenon when driving. Should pay attention to the following phenomena, the time may affect the safety of driving. 1, exhaust color abnormal engine work, exhaust should be no obvious smoke. If the exhaust have other color, it may be the engine abnormal, such as incomplete combustion exhaust was black, white oil with water when the exhaust gas, burning oil exhaust was blue. 2, four wheel positioning is not accurate when the four wheel positioning is not on time, there will be the direction of heavy steering, shaking, deviation, not positive, not unilateral homing or tire wear, wavy wear, wear block, abrasion and other abnormal wear, and when driving the car a sense of floating, swinging and bumping phenomenon. Line four wheel positioning enable the car to maintain the stability of the driving and steering portability, and reduced during the running process of the automobile tire wear and steering parts. When the above phenomenon occurs, should first check the four wheel positioning. 3, the headlamps are designed with fog lights with the function of the dust vent, under normal circumstances, the fog will naturally disappear in the lamp, if the water vapor inside the lamp is too much need to get rid of the mist operation. If the fog can not be removed, or condensation into more water, it may be caused by the improper sealing of the headlights, the impact of normal driving, should be promptly to the repair station maintenance. 4, the steering wheel is always not correct, one to the left, one to the right this is due to the fixed in the steering groove of the rubber block has been completely damaged lead. After the new limit block is loaded, the fault disappears completely. 5, overheating if the car is in the running process of the cooling liquid thermometer indicating quickly reached 100 C position, or launch a car in the cold, the engine coolant temperature increases rapidly to boiling. Most of the above problems for the cooling system is a problem, is the lack of coolant or pump does not work; transmission overheating, mostly due to lack of lubricating oil; brake overheating, mostly for the brake shoe does not return to the position caused by. These phenomena can sometimes be reflected directly through the dashboard warning lights, the driver needs to pay attention when driving. 6, abnormal smell in the running car, the clutch plate burning or not loose handbrake, will emit friction burnt; leaks, with unburned gasoline (oil flavor); short circuit and ground wire burning will also have Coke burnt taste. 7, the engine oil pressure indicator display abnormal when the table pointer display is not normal pressure (low pressure or large fluctuations), may be due to oil pump wear and filter blocked by dirt, oil level low, oil mixed with air and the pressure gauge and other causes of failure. In addition, the oil viscosity is low, the oil seal and poor lubrication, lubricating oil viscosity is too large, too cold too much oil sludge deposition will lead to abnormal oil pressure indicator display. 8, the car system相关的主题文章:

Lee Da Hae Se7en both sides admitted Dating Love Thailand exposure ca1810

Lee Da Hae SE7EN both admit Thailand dating shots Lee Da Hae SE7EN both sides acknowledged that love Sina entertainment news September 7th, Korean actor Lee Da Hae and singer SE7EN [micro-blog] spread love rumors, the two sides admit. SE7EN belongs to the public response to the love story said, two people in a difficult period to become the pillars of each other, has been dating for several months." Lee Da Hae’s club also responded that, as a friend of the same age two people naturally developed into a lover relationship, has been dating for 7 months." In addition, South Korean media also disclosed two people in Thailand, Bangkok dating photos. 7 on the morning of the media broke the news, originally is Se7en and a longtime friend of Lee Da Hae from a year ago to begin formal contacts, two people in the car. Elude observations at home, also often go to travel abroad, has been witnessed in the streets of foreign Internet users broke the news to Se7en and Lee Da Hae in the appointment. Se7en made his debut in 2003, South Korea was one of the most popular male singer, he joined the army in 2012, after retiring, mainly active in the musical stage in October this year, he will launch a new album in five years after the return to the music. Lee Da Hae debut in 2002, starred in the "My girl" and other works, in recent years, mainly in China performing arts activities. (commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: