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Self-Improvement As most of you probably already know, being a Leader is a "must have" characteristic when it .es to internet marketing success. This is the first out of a series of articles I will be posting, teaching you what kind of personality traits you need to develop in order to be.e a leader! Get into the Leader Zone. First thing you need to realize is that the second you have decided to be.e a leader – you are. The moment you have decided to get into the Leader Zone is in fact the moment you became a leader. It might sound kind of silly at first, I mean, how do you be.e a leader haven’t yet learned what makes one. However, the shear fact that you have decided to leave the "average" zone and stepped into the "leader" zone is the first quality that defies you as one. There have been done over 3,300 studies on leadership character traits. 3,300 studies and the first quality is always the same – Vision. Leaders always have a vision. Leaders can see the future. Leaders have the long term perspective when they look at the situation at hand. Just to give you an example, think of Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Eben Pegan, Anik Singal, Mike Filsaime and numerous other successful internet marketing leaders, and one thing that is most .mon about them is that they always say that it is important to build a business, not a product. Whenever they talk about something they look at it from the long term perspective. Leaders always see the big picture. Leaders can actualy see into the Future. The second most .mon quality amongst the leaders is that leaders always visualize, idealize and imagine the future. Just for the fun of it, what you can do now is a little exercise. Let’s test your leader skills. Close your eyes and imagine that you have traveled forth in time. 5 Years have passed and an incredible thing happened – your whole life transformed. It’s perfect. Just the way you always wanted it to be. So, the question is – what would it look like? What would your life look like totally perfect 5 years from now? Every single area of your life has been transformed. Business, family, social, spiritual and mental areas of your life are now perfectly balanced. How does your perfect life look like to you? Make sure to write down the answer to that question so 5 years from now you can recap whether your dreams came true. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Mobile-Cell-Phone Blackberry has introduced the new business phone i.e. Blackberry 9500 storm. This gadget .es with unique touchscreen that allows you to access all the applications at your fingertips. The device has a high resolution of 360 x 480 pixel and over 65,000 colors with great build quality and solid looks. The phone is very sleek, trendy and light in weight. The size of the phone is 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm and the weight of this widget is 155 grams only. The battery can be removed and replaced. It is made of lithium ion and therefore lasts longer than the traditional forms of battery. It can have up to 360 hours of standby time. This phone .es with a 3.2 MP autofocus camera with led flash which makes it easy for you to capture excellent quality photographs and stunning portraits when you have special events in your life. You can also use the camera for recording normal activities & also for the cherished moment of your life. Everyone hates asking for directions in a totally unfamiliar place. However, this phone will help you to over.e those fears. There is a blackberry map that has been inserted into the phone and its main function is to help you locate places that you might not know. The built-in GPS navigator is also very effective and allows you to easily turn directions regardless of the place that you are in. Getting to the place where you intend to go should therefore not be a very Herculean task. The phone performs all the functions at great speeds and there are no failures. It downloads web pages and applications faster than the iPhone. You can hence perform your functions effectively even if you are away from your PC or laptop. It also .es up with 3.5mm standard audio jack with great sound clarity. You can easily network with the many social networking features on the phone. You can easily visit any of the social sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. You don’t need to access your PC for these functions. You can also share the captured photos and videos with others with the help of Bluetooth and USB technologies. The Bluetooth technology exchanges data to other devices in the very confidential way. USB v2.0 connects the widget to the .puter and transfers data on it. If you want the phone for essential business functions, then you have found the right phone. The phone almost acts as a small office for you. The touchscreen is clickable and makes your pressing very easy. The touchscreen experience makes the phone to be very user friendly and be more interactive. The phone has very high speeds to the powerful processor. The memory can also be upgraded in order to meet your storage needs. You can perform tasks faster with such high processor speeds. The memory size can be upgraded to 16 GB to increase the phone’s own internal memory of about 256 MB. For expanding the external memory, this widget is enhanced with microSD and microSDHC memory cards. With its large storage capacity, one can save on the device a large number of data. Some people may have a bit of a problem with the clickable touch screen but this can be solved easily with constant practice and adaptable fingers. Inspite of its diverse features, BlackBerry Storm 9500 is available only on very few networks which is the primary obstacle for the users. Since there are many websites who guarantees to provide you the unlock code for you BlackBerry Storm 9500 within few minutes. So before purchasing any code you must be aware of the benefits of unlocking. Unlocking your phone is absolutely legal because the phone belongs to you and you can use it the way you want. This information will not be given to you by your network provider until you ask. This is due to the fact that no network provider would like to lose their customers to their .petitors. The most eminent benefit of unlocking BlackBerry Storm 9500 is that it will permits you to change the service provider as often as you want, so that you can get the best deals for your SMS and call rates at any point of time. Unlocking increases your phone resell value. Potential buyers are interested in Blackberry Storm which are unlocked and can adjust to all kinds of .works. Travelling is also an important issue in our day to day life, and unlocking provides you an opportunity to switch to any .work across the globe so that you can save lots of roaming charges by buying any local SIM cards. If you unlock Blackberry Storm 9500 you get the permission to use dual SIM adaptor. This means after unlocking your Blackberry Storm you can use two SIM cards simultaneously. So if you are the proud owner of BlackBerry Storm 9500 then you must concider unlocking to enjoy its benefit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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UnCategorized Human resource professionals should consider sitting for an passing the PHR or SPHR exam to gain certification as a HR specialist. The certification demonstrates that the candidate has mastery of the human resource body of knowledge including strategic management, Workforce planning and employment, HR development, .pensation and benefits, Employee and labor relations, Occupational health, safety and security. These are the core areas of focus defined by the human Resource certification institute. To pass the PHR or SPHR exam you must have a minimum of 2 years of human resource experience in which the function of HR is a total of 51 percent of your activities. The exam is score unlike any other exam. There are 225 questions administered and your end score is based on a scaled score of minimum 500 to maximum 700. Until recently, frontline managers paid little attention to human resources (HR). Many had grown accustomed to operating in their own little universes, looking after their people and keeping their supervisors happy. They concentrated on running their divisions, and left employee recruitment and development, labor and safety issues, and ethical and legal matters to the HR department. This system worked successfully for years, but now the dividing line between management and HR has be.e blurred. More .panies want their HR staff to take on additional responsibilities and be.e key players in the organizations overall strategic game plan. Managers are finding themselves increasingly responsible for functions traditionally handled by HR, such as employee discipline, health and wellness initiatives and labor relations. This is especially true of a small organization, which may not even have an HR department. More than 99% of U.S. firms have fewer than 500 employees, but HR management research has focused mainly on larger firms. Many smaller .panies are ill-prepared for the challenges that ac.pany organizational growth and need assistance in handling their HR requirements. .panies that do not provide training for their frontline managers risk decreased productivity and profits, and higher employee turnover. Management and HR should work together to ensure that the .pany properly implements its policies and procedures. Managers be.e better, more responsible employees, thus freeing HR personnel to pursue other administrative duties. However, a study showed that only 12% of corporate officers believe that their HR departments aggressively pursue partnerships with frontline management. Job analysis Its impossible to interview, hire, train or determine .pensation for employees without .prehensive job descriptions. Job analysis also helps ensure .pliance with employment law. HR planning staffing and training play a major role in enabling the organization to achieve its objectives. HR information systems .piling data on specific job requirements and employee capabilities is invaluable in the hiring procedure. Employee recruitment Selecting and retaining the right employees is a top priority for most .panies, particularly smaller ones focused on growth. Hiring .petent individuals requires thorough interviewing, testing and checking processes. Performance appraisal Pay raises and promotions depend largely on the managers ability to evaluate employee performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Data Security Policies Need Teeth To Be Effective By: Robert Siciliano | Feb 9th 2016 – Bottom line: If you have a data security policy in place, you need to make sure that it"��s up to date and contains all of the necessary elements to make it effective. Here are 10 essential items that should be incorporated into all security policies: Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Corporation By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small businesses proprietors have little thought on the subject of data security, not to say implementing and putting in location effective data security actions. Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Small Business By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small business owners have little concept on the subject of data security, not to mention implementing and putting in position effective data security measures. Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Online Business By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small business owners have little idea on the subject of data security, aside from implementing as well as putting in position effective data security actions. Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Online Business By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small businesses have little concept on the subject of data security, not to mention implementing as well as putting in spot effective data security steps. Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Small Business By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small businesses have little idea on the subject of data security, let alone implementing as well as putting in spot effective data security steps. Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Enterprise By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small enterprises have little concept on the subject of data security, not to say implementing and putting in place effective data security procedures. Tags: Data Security Tips For Your Enterprise By: Olen Higgins | Mar 15th 2014 – Most small business owners have little concept on the subject of data security, not to say implementing as well as putting in spot effective data security measures. Tags: The Challenge Of Encryption And Data Security In The Byod Movement By: Daniel Gail | Jul 11th 2013 – The "bring your own device" (BYOD) movement brings with it numerous challenges for organizations from all industries to tackle. Employees routinely bring their own iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, and other mobile devices to work or access servers remotely on their notebooks and personal computers at home. Tags: Security Challenges Faced By Cloud Hosting – Handling Data By: Stuart Mitchell | Apr 12th 2013 – The final part of this article looks at how and where data is stored or handled and the issues that arise in cloud computing through the process of creating multiple instances of data across multiple server platforms. Cloud computing relies on this mechanism for many of its key benefits but, by doing so, invites further cha … Tags: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard By: Groundlabs.com | Apr 11th 2013 – Payment Card Industry or PCI is the database of all cardholders. These customers"�� data has to be under the guidelines set for PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is gaining importance since there are data thefts that are taking place, jeopardizing the identity of the card holder. Tags: Data Protection System "�" To Safeguard Personal Data By: Groundlabs.com | Apr 11th 2013 – Data Privacy or Information privacy is related to each other. It is the relation between collection and dissemination of technology, data, what public expects of privacy, and the issues that surrounds it "�" be it political or be it legal. Wherever there are personally identifiable information which is to be collecte … Tags: Pci Dss Compliance Mandatory For Data Security By: Groundlabs.com | Apr 10th 2013 – PCI DSS are the alphabets which are extremely important today, in our fast moving life, with extensive usage of plastic cards. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry "�" Data Security Standard. These are the guidelines which have been laid down for credit card holders. All credit and other plastic card holders fall under … Tags: Set Of Payment Card Industry Pci Data Security Standard By: assignmentsolution | Mar 10th 2013 – The payment card industry PCI data security norms have been built by the major credit and debit card companies. These set of tools are guidelines for those merchants who store the cash card data, process it and transmit credit towards them. In the recent times there have been situations of high profile security breac … Tags: Data Security "�" Detailed Introduction To Incredible Connectivity Offered By Phoenix Datacenter Col By: Marry Parker | Jan 10th 2013 – Data Security featuring for example data centers nonetheless without the anxiety about place use, equipment improvements and also the device’s car repairs as well as upkeep. consist of modern that has been enhanced machines which will render any organization with their business needs. Tags: Importance Of Data Security Devices And Services Of It Companies By: John Bay | Apr 2nd 2012 – Data security is a very essential element in today"��s world because spamming and hacking has become common. There are various devices that can provide better and efficient data security for your company. Tags: Data Security Measures- Important For Your Business Integrity. By: Edward Robin | Mar 5th 2012 – A businessman like you would definitely not want to take risk that could lead you to possible fraud or copyright breaches. Therefore, what you need is a solution that can take away all the pain and distress caused by the threats involving data theft, data loss and data breaches. Tags: Reliable Data Security Solutions For Mobile Phones By: ecryptinc | Jan 30th 2012 – On personal computers we protect our files, emails and confidential data by securing them with passwords. Tags: Exploring Realms Of Data Security Beyond Pci By: ANX | Jan 11th 2012 – Businesses are always anxious to avoid any damage to their brand equity with negative publicity from data breaches, and are constantly deploying resources to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) mandates. Tags: Lock Files Folders With Or Without Data Locking Software By: Dorothy Pinzon | Jan 4th 2012 – Data security has become the most important aspect of computer security for almost every computer user. But the only way that will provide you ultimate security of your files and folders is locking them with a password which only you know. Folder Lock and Folder Protect are two such softwares which will provide you a high l … Tags: How To Outsource Billing And Not Lose Sleep By: The Creative Companies | Sep 19th 2011 – The thought of compromising customer data or losing control of the billing process "�" a business"�� worst nightmare "�" has many business owners and billing managers feeling pretty uncomfortable when looking at ways to outsource billing. Fortunately, the waking reality is there are billing services that can help people sav … Tags: Data Security And Wikileaks "�" Could It Happen To You? By: Barbara Mori | Sep 14th 2011 – Just because you don"��t deal in diplomatic communiqués about trade and wars doesn"��t mean you"��re immune to a WikiLeaks-style data security breach. You only need one disgruntled employee like Bradley Manning of the US Defense Force. Tags: Ensure Data Security With A San & Nas Managed Storage Service By: webquor | Sep 11th 2011 – As a service for storing organisational data on a network server, managed storage serviceshave become a must requirement for industries, organisations and business enterprises, worldwide.SAN and NAS enabled managed storage services, not only ensure data security but also provide easier and swifter access to your organisatio … Tags: How To Manage Your Licenses & Network Resources? By: Rick Morgan | Jul 2nd 2011 – The article is speaking about different ways when it comes to managing licenses and network resources. It further highlights how hiring the services of technology consulting solutions can help business to manage their licenses and network resources better. Tags: Employee Training, Proactive Measures Crucial To Prevent Unauthorized Access By: eccuni | Apr 28th 2011 – Data security is the buzzword to maintain customer trust and unhindered business activity. Tags: How To Block Data Security Threats By: James Madison | Apr 19th 2011 – System slow down, system crash, and data corruption, etc. are some of the common problems that you will come across due to attack of malicious objects. Explore this article and learn how to block data security threats. Tags: Technology Solution Providers: How To Opt For The Best Among All The Available Options By: Rick Morgan | Mar 2nd 2011 – Technology solution provider is a must have for all companies. Hard disks are filled with important and sensitive information inviability of which can cause a huge loss. However certain criteria should be checked before choosing a provider. Tags: Data Security And Data Accuracy At D3ayat By: Marwan Al-Ahmadi | Jan 25th 2011 – d3ayat is an online business directory for the exclusive use of companies and their customers not only from Middle Eastern countries but from all over the world. It helps business owners advertise their products and service and helps customers search for their products. Tags: Why Your Data Security Fails By: Emma | Jan 6th 2011 – Safeguarding your data can protect your ability to do business, and also your reputation. There are a number of elements you should consider when handling, storing and disposing of customer data and your systems and controls should be appropriate to minimise the risk of data loss or theft. Tags: Data Security, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years By: Data Security, Inc. | Dec 1st 2010 – Data Security, Inc., celebrates a milestone anniversary this month: 25 years of keeping the nation"��s digital information secure. Tags: Data Security Solution Uninstall Guide – How To Thoroughly Uninstall Data Security Solution? By: Gina M Richter | Nov 9th 2010 – To uninstall Data Security Solution will be a little difficult for some ordinary PC users for it always combines well with the operating system. Here, I will show you the most comprehensive and easiest ways to uninstall Data Security Solution. Tags: Erp Software And Data Security By: sudhaniSEO | Aug 25th 2010 – ERP Software and Data Security – Businesses are putting significant resources dedicated to meet the demands of the marketplace to keep up with larger competitors all with budgets and resources that decrease every year. Many organizations are able to meet these tough business demands with enterprise resource planning system … Tags: Accountants Must Pay Attention To Data Security By: Sarah Dougan | Jun 30th 2010 – Data security cannot be under estimated, whether you are in business on your own account or you are an accountant advising others. Be aware that the Information Commissioner, the ICO, is particularly interested in any breaches of security and can impose fines of up to £500,000 if anything is discovered. This could be a … Tags: Payment Card Industry (pci) Data Security Requirements: Shifting The Way Ivr Services Are Delivered By: Barnard Crespi | Jun 8th 2010 – Businesses of all sizes continue struggling to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security requirements. The PCI standards were established by the major credit cards; American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa to ensure organizations followed standardized practices to … Tags: Staying Safe With Bemac Data Security By: Dominic Donaldson | May 14th 2010 – Security – We are constantly being told how we need to be extra cautious when it comes to handling our finances, there is always someone out there somewhere that is looking to put one over on us and rob us of our money. They say that a gullible person is born every second, but that doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the indivi … Tags: Controlling Your Personal Data Security By: Ruby J. Flanagan | May 3rd 2010 – Identity theft is one of the most insidious kinds of theft there is. It can happen without the victim even knowing it. By following a few personal data security tips, you can protect yourself from this kind of theft. Tags: 3 Critical Alerts Regarding Your Website Legal Forms For Privacy And Data Security By: Chip Cooper | Apr 20th 2010 – Website privacy and data security violations continue to be the most critical legal concern for webmasters of software-as-a-service (SaaS) websites and ecommerce websites. Three recent legal developments illustrate why webmasters of SaaS websites and ecommerce websites should monitor and stay current with these developments … Tags: Saas "�" Software As A Service "�" Data Security And Privacy By: R Chopra | Mar 29th 2010 – Article on SaaS covers data security and privacy issues related with software services. Article published by eXtendCode, an offshore software development company from India. Tags: Computer Forum For Data Security Solutions By: Lisa Collins | Mar 26th 2010 – Today, data security for your business has two features: Protection of data from malicious software such as spyware and to ensure that data are secure by means of good backups. For your data security, you need to address them both. By installing latest anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and good backups, you can accomplis … Tags: Developing It World And Data Security By: Raj B Lonsane and Divyendu Chandurkar | Mar 25th 2010 – Businesses are developing innovative ways to increase productivity by providing interactive platforms to employees dispersed globally. More and more employees are encouraged to use wide range of applications to interact, communicate and collaborate in a cyber environment to optimise use of limited resources. Tags: Information Technology Forum For Rdbms Users By: Lisa Collins | Mar 23rd 2010 – Today, you should implement your RDBMS professionally making full use of excellent backup facilities that come with it. RDBMS like Oracle 11g today comes with advanced backup facilities. Advanced features such as RMAN can go a long way in providing reliable data security for your business in an online setting. Tags: Data Protection Keeps Your Business Assets Safe By: Dennis Thomsen | May 9th 2009 – Data security breaches can cost businesses millions of dollars in resources and lost revenue. This article will provide you with information about data protection and how it can keep your business assets safe. Whether you’re a business owner, an executive, or an IT manager, the following information will be beneficial to … Tags: Data Security And Accounting Outsourcing By: PB | Jan 29th 2009 – This article talks about the essence of data security involved in accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing Tags: Laptop Data Security: Is It Worth The Cost? By: Sidhartha | Jan 5th 2009 – Many people believe that laptop data security is too expensive to make it worthwhile. However there is a potential cost that can extend far beyond the time to re-key data or to download a backup file from a disk or network computer. While it is true that laptop data security is likely to prevent the loss of important inf … Tags: Data Recovery For Peace Of Mind By: Judy Howard | Dec 30th 2006 – One of the biggest concerns that can happen to a person is to lose the data off of their hard drive and it can happen when you least expect it. Many of us store personal and business information on our computers. Data viruses are a serious threat and very possibly they can delete some of your important data from your system … Tags: How To Do Data Recovery, Data Security, Data Backup The Right Way By: Jona | Nov 9th 2006 – How much is your data worth to you? For most people, their computer data is the lifeblood of their business and/or personal lives. How much time would you lose, both personal time and business productivity time, if you had to manually restore data that had been compromised? Find out how to properly protect your data so y … Tags: Data Security – Having Piece Of Mind By: Bart Samuri | Mar 17th 2006 – Data security is a very important part of a successful computer involved business. It is essential to keep vital data secured in order to have piece of mind. Backing up data and having dedicated computers running just to store data are great ways to maintain data security. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Cruising-Sailing St Vincent and the Grenadines is located in the southeast Caribbean about 90 miles west of Barbados. The island group lie south of St Lucia and north of Grenada. The Grenadines are .prised of 32 islands and cays stretching south from St Vincent. Only 8 of the Grenadines are populated and the remaining are bird sanctuaries and very popular for both hiking and snorkelling. All are volcanic in origin and deeply embellished with inlets where the sea washes up on fine white sandy beaches. St Vincent has lush green mountains. A yacht charter in St Vincent and the Grenadines also offers the opportunity to visit some of the sites used in the making of the film xPirates of the Caribbeanx. St Vincent and the Grenadines is a yacht charter destination for those looking for peace and seclusion. The choice of yacht charter in St Vincent and the Grenadines is wide including both sail and motor yachts, bareboat, skippered and luxury crewed yacht charter on both monohulls and catamarans. Carib Indians aggressively prevented European settlement on St Vincent until the 18th century. African slaves, either shipwrecked or having escaped from one of the neighbouring islands and seeking refuge in St Vincent, intermarried with the Caribs and became known as Garifuna or Black Caribs. In 1719, French settlers cultivated coffee, tobacco, indigo, cotton, and sugar on plantations worked by enslaved Africans. In 1763 St Vincent was ceded to Britain. It was restored to French rule in 1779 but regained by the British under the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Conflict between the British and the Black Caribs lasted until 1796, when General Sir Ralph Abercromby crushed a revolt fomented by the French radical Victor Hugues. More than 5,000 Black Caribs were deported to Roatn, an island off the coast of Honduras. After slavery was abolished in 1834, labour shortages on the plantations resulted in the immigration of indentured servants. Portuguese came from the Atlantic island of Madeira and shiploads of East Indian labourers arrived between 1861-1880. Conditions remained harsh for both former slaves and immigrant agricultural workers, as depressed world sugar prices kept the economy stagnant until the turn of the century. St Vincent was granted associate statehood status on October 27th, 1969, giving it .plete control over its internal affairs. Following a referendum in 1979, under Milton Cato St Vincent and the Grenadines became the last of the Windward Islands to gain independence on the 10th anniversary of its associate statehood status, October 27th, 1979. Year round winds in St Vincent and the Grenadines make for the perfect yacht charter holiday. During the summer months a prevailing 10 ? 20 knot wind from the southeast blows. The winter months will see more challenging winds of 20 ? 25 knots generally from the northeast. Although St Vincent is below the hurricane belt there is always a possibility during the months of July to October. Check this with your yacht charter .pany. Average high temperatures range from 25C to 30C with the highest in July through October. The major airport in St Vincent and the Grenadines is Joshua Airport on St Vincent. There are flights from Barbados, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Martinique and Grenada. Both US Dollars and x Euro are used. Major credit cards may be accepted in hotels, restaurants and some shops. There are many places throughout the yacht charter area to change money. English is spoken throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines Many yacht charters start at the Lagoon Hotel and Marina on the southern tip of St Vincent. There is a swimming pool for a refreshing dip on shore before or after your yacht charter and good supermarket for provisioning. This is a well protected yacht anchorage nicely positioned to sail south to the Grenadines and for land trips around the island of St Vincent. Take a day ashore and follow the foot trail along the windward coast, through banana and coconut plantations to La Soufrire volcano. On the leeward side Trinity Falls can be reached by following the trail from Richmond. Bequia lies just nine miles south of St Vincent and it the gateway to some of the best sailing in the Caribbean. The history of Bequia Island runs deep with age-old seafaring traditions of boat building, fishing and whaling. The main port of entry is Port Elizabeth in Admiralty Bay. The quaint waterfront of Port Elizabeth is lined with bars, restaurants and shops selling local crafts. This yacht anchorage is extremely popular with mariners from all over the world because of its ample and clear waters that allow deep-keeled boats to arrive for repairs and services. Bequia has an excellent selection of marine services with amenities that include showers, laundry services and internet access. Bequia offers great beaches, spectacular snorkelling and diving and great food. Princess Margaret Beach is the best yacht anchorage in all of Bequia. It boasts calm clear waters and a beautiful golden sand beach. The beach has no road access and as a consequence is virtually deserted. A short dinghy ride around the bayxs northern headland and you will .e find Frangipani bar, a popular meeting place for a cruisers xHappy Hourx. Mayreau lies west of the Tobago Cays and is perfect for those seeking privacy and a romantic Caribbean hideaway. With no roads, cars, electricity or many of the familiar sounds of civilization, it is a last frontier in an unspoiled tropical paradise. There are hiking trails that will lead you to some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Grenadines. Salt Whistle Bay is one of the most exquisite yacht anchorages in the Caribbean and only reachable by boat. Sweeping white sand beaches rim the entire island and are perfect for snorkelling and sailing. The bay is a hot spot for sailors so yacht moorings are in short supply. Enter Salt Whistle Bay through the main channel, as there are reefs on either side in shallow waters, the southern one being particularly dangerous. Anchor at the head of the bay in 8 to 10 feet of clear water. It’s a sand bottom and offers reasonably good holding. Be especially careful about anchoring too close to the reef on the southern shores. Mustique has a wonderful ambience and a calm atmosphere, great beaches and a couple of excellent restaurants. Mustique is a privately owned island that has been developed as an area of holiday homes for the wealthy. Mansions with tennis courts and swimming pools sit on rolling grassy hills and long lawns that stretch to sandy beaches. There is no place to get water or diesel fuel in Mustique. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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