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Pay close attention to trends in the price of gold fell on Friday 0.5% fed U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants Stocks – 10 am Beijing time, the price of gold futures fell on Friday, but the whole week the price of gold has still rose 0.6%. Traders continue to focus on Fed officials to determine the Fed’s interest rate hike path. New York Mercantile Exchange, December delivery of gold futures prices fell $7.10, or 0.5%, to close at $1334.50 an ounce on Friday. This week the price of gold rose 0.6%. The Fed’s interest rate setting committee members, the Boston Fed President Eric – (Eric Rosengren) said the interest rate hike. He said that if the wait time is too long, commercial real estate and other asset prices exist overheating risk. "Based on the data so far, I personally believe that it is reasonable to continue to focus on the normalization of monetary policy," he said." Rosengren’s speech makes the market worried that loose monetary policy may be coming to an end. After Rosengren’s speech, the dollar steadily higher, 10 year bond prices rose to the highest level in the UK before the referendum. In addition to the Eric – Rosen Glen, today there are some Fed officials, including fed governor Daniel – Tarullo (Daniel Tarullo), the Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan (Rob Kaplan). Fed chairman Tarullo said there are still some doubts about the U.S. economic outlook. He believes that this year is likely to raise interest rates, but said that due to fear of asset price bubble, the Fed does not have to raise interest rates now. Analysts believe that the Fed governor Lyle Renard (Lael Brainard) is scheduled for next Monday’s speech may be the key factors about the trend of the market. Renard is the Fed’s dovish leader. The Federal Reserve will also convene a 3 meeting of monetary policy this year, the date is September 20-21, 1-2 and 13-14 on the day of December, November. Most economists surveyed by the Wall Street journal expect the fed to raise interest rates until December, while only 13% of economists surveyed believe the Fed will raise interest rates in September. At the same time, the financial market is expected to raise interest rates at the fed in September 20-21 meeting of the possibility of only 25%. Some Fed officials will continue to speak in the next few days, the market will pay attention to the path of interest rate hike. Editor: SF065 Zhangjun相关的主题文章: