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Pediatrician mother: children lack a sense of security? Sohu maternal and child users question: my child just kindergarten this year. She’s been around me since she was born. After admission, we began to try to sleep in separate rooms at night as long as there is little movement, she will go to our room to run. During the day in the kindergarten, the teacher also said she is the most clingy child, she does not love encounter unfamiliar things, often go to the teacher…… the child is not the lack of a sense of security? How to cultivate children’s sense of security? One is always around the children or parents around the middle of the night will anxiously ran into my parents room children usually have a sense of security of the child, because he knew that the parents can be trust and rely on, as long as he needs, parents will accompany at his side, parents will respond to him, and he knew by how to get what you want (help). In the kindergarten, the children have a sense of security, in the face of love he is not familiar with not even afraid of things, often seek teacher support, such as to teacher’s side requires a big hug, for example, ask the teacher to participate in helping to solve the present problem, because he knew the teacher also can be trust and rely on, and he knew by the way how to get what you want (help), this makes him feel safe. But the relative lack of sense of security, in the face of love he is not familiar with not even afraid of things in the future, will seem helpless and helpless, even temper, teachers need to spend more time and patience to understand why he has such a reaction. Sense of security is the basic needs of children’s survival. The child’s sense of security is gradually formed with the growth and development of his personality, to a large extent by the parents, family members and their relationship with the surrounding people. If parents are not able to provide their children with the care and empathy they need to grow up, it will be difficult for them to feel safe. So how to train a child with a sense of security, we can pay attention to the following points. To the family relationship security children warm caring are usually created by a loving family relationship, when children have full time with my family together, and truly feel protected, he will feel around the world are safe and can be trusted. Keep a close relationship with the person he trusts. Mom and dad do not mean to say "I love you", which is very important for children, children need this intuitive expression. Give the child as far as possible the high quality time with many parents usually entrust their children to their elders or nanny, busy with work, there is little time to spend with their children, even some children and parents rarely see. Parents are the best playmates of children. Busy parents try to spare enough time to devote to accompany their children, pay attention to children before going to sleep with, involved in children’s parent-child play sports games and children…… skin and body contact, help to build a sense of security. Help children express their feelings.相关的主题文章: