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Peking University speech: low income public office selling pork difficult to maintain the livelihood of the original title: "do not seek excellence but not regret from the butcher carpenter into pork experts" interview: Lu Buxuan, who was born in Xi’an in 1966 1985 in Changan, Changan Chinese Arts Department was admitted Peking University first. The university after graduation in the streets of Changan to make a living meat wit, after it was first reported in July 2003 26 by the China Daily is almost known to every family raised a big, discussion on the topic of talent. Subsequently, Lu Buxuan was arranged to work in Xi’an, Changan District Archives Bureau of local chronicles. After Chi district office work, he put the meat to his wife, and in 2010 to his brother, his head into the book book work, even often work overtime without complaint. Background: an interview with Lu Buxuan after a lapse of 12 years, when you know the fate of the 50 year old, and shocking move. In September 19th, he announced "resign to butcher", but this time he put the meat to get bigger, and the partner of Peking University Alumni Chen Sheng together to catch the tide of the Internet, selling pork on the internet. Recently, the China Daily reporter interviewed Lu Buxuan. He said: "the sale of pork for 10 years to earn 2 million, when civil servants 12 years nothing. It seems that the civil service does not sell pork affordable. I’m a heterogeneous person in the unit. Now, I of this alien, and the alien to his office once dreamed to quit, when to return to prostitution to "pork guy.". I used to be a carpenter, who sell pork, I want to be home now, an expert on pork." Talk about the reasons for the resignation of the network transfer part-time was decided to resign with the alumni to sell pork China Daily: now you resign, after a long time to consider? Lu Buxuan: in fact, from the idea of my resignation to resign, also 3 months. Submitted his resignation in August 1st of this year, now has been approved by the District People Club bureau. In May 2008, I met Chen Sheng, a Peking University alumnus, who was the chairman of a food company. He in the pig meat, I am more familiar with the industry, in their spare time to help him. Founded in 2009, when the butcher school in Guangzhou, there is no teaching materials, I will assume the task of writing textbooks, as well as the honorary president of the school is a full-time job name, the use of my influence to facilitate enrollment. At the beginning of May this year, I should be invited by Chen Sheng, the weekend went to Guangzhou to participate in the activities of his company, a network to both business and civil servants North butcher "issues to be questioned, and accused the district government is not as domestic website forwarding, adverse effects. Thus, the district government sent people to investigate the situation in my business part-time. Is my schoolmate and friend, Chen Sheng and friends, help is normal, he offered to pay for suspicion I didn’t accept, also did not hold shares of the company, the so-called part-time is completely groundless statement. The investigation is nothing but the original thing, will not find out what. Chen Sheng learned of this, encouraged me to resign, with him to sell pork. In view of the rapid expansion of the company’s business, in order to no longer give district politics 8相关的主题文章: