People’s Daily Hong Kong Independence is too small will be doomed to a dead

People’s Daily: Hong Kong Independence is too small will be doomed to a dead end before the Legislative Council of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region in the individual elected oath when openly advocating "Hong Kong Independence" and other bad behavior, serious touch "one country two systems" bottom line, a serious violation of the relevant laws of the state constitution, the basic law and the serious harm Hongkong, including our compatriots in Hongkong all Chinese people’s feelings of national and global chinese. The harm of "Hong Kong Independence" to Hong Kong, which is more clearly exposed in this incident, should be punished in accordance with the law. Hong Kong Independence words and deeds serious impact on the principle of "one country, two systems" and challenges the core interests of the state, such as national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security. "Hong Kong Independence", has been the mainstream public opinion in Hongkong as "a joke" and "a farce", is tell some fantastic tales. However, some people in Hongkong not to be divulged for political purposes, rejection of one country, resisting the central, ignorance of history, reality, contrary to the legal laws and public opinion, to "local" in the name of "separation", openly play Hong Kong Independence "banner, on various occasions to promote Hong Kong Independence, will turn on campus and young people, and act evilly in collusion with" Taiwan independence "forces, catalytic and expand the Hong Kong Independence influence. Some people resort to deceit muddle through into the procedure of the organization, in an attempt to promote "deliberative bodies into Hong Kong Independence platform. Hong Kong Independence and touch the bottom line, "one country two systems" challenge the core national interests and the central authority, which must be vigilant, firmly opposed, head up, must not be allowed to regard as unimportant, let down, down, flooding the circulation of false reports. Hong Kong Independence words and deeds seriously violated the state constitution, the basic law and the relevant laws of Hongkong, trampling on the spirit of the rule of law, disrupting the order of the rule of law. The state constitution provides legal obligation to the citizens of People’s Republic of China to safeguard the security, honor and interests of the basic law of Hongkong, the first more at the outset that "the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China is an inalienable part of". The basic law expressly provides that the residents of Hongkong should bear the obligation to comply with the basic law. Hong Kong Independence and unconstitutional is the consensus of the Hongkong community in People’s Republic of China, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, in a strict rule of law for society, if the Hong Kong Independence illegal and appeasement, is the impact of Hongkong’s core values and the rule of law and order, immeasurable bad influence to the society of Hongkong. Only in strict accordance with the basic law, punish Hong Kong Independence and other illegal activities, to safeguard the authority of the basic law, to ensure the implementation of "one country two systems" policy is not distorted or deformed. Hong Kong Independence words and deeds seriously hurt the feelings of the people, the destruction of the relationship between the central government and the SAR, Hongkong, Hongkong, the stability and prosperity of the interests of the people. Patriotism is the most simple national feelings, to ensure national unity and territorial integrity is the impassable red line. Hong Kong Independence advocate separatism is too small to climate, but this source of chaos tearing Hongkong society, provoke confrontation between Hongkong and the mainland of the people, and the relationship between the damage the central challenge, "one country two systems", if things go on like this, will damage the prosperity and stability of Hongkong, harm the interests of the people, the final pay, is all the people of Hongkong. Return to 19 years, the central implementation of the principle of "one country, two systems" has always been firm.相关的主题文章: