People’s Daily Overseas Edition of the new regulations about the new draft North Canton deep,

People’s Daily Overseas Edition Assessment Network about cars: new draft regulations deep North of Guangzhou, please think about the original title: [solution] Bureau of the deep North of Guangzhou, please think about the winter is coming, sometimes happiness is in the cold winter street hit the car, the lights flash, gallop all the way back home. If the draft issued today is finalized, the journey will be more expensive than last year. Should be prior to the appointment, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen on the same day announced the local rules of the car network. I do not know whether there is an appointment, these rules are pointed out that the network is about to turn into a taxi almost legally on the road. In accordance with these Provisions, we take the past countless times, changed the most China city traffic network ecology about the car, black car is actually. Violation, is so simple. Generally speaking, the policy should not be evaluated at will. This is because most seemingly simple provisions, behind the complex professional problems. Easy lay in modern society most probably it did not actually happen, highly professional division of labor, not only simple in fact a fool to the third degree most probably it did not actually happen. However, the network about car policy, just belong to the class we can evaluate. This is because the network about the car, we will probably be more than a city’s policymakers have more experience, more demand. Also, because of the city’s network about the provisions of the vehicle, and a few months ago, the Ministry of Communications issued two documents compared to the harsh conditions of many, or excessive implementation of suspicion. The introduction of a policy, first of all need to comply with the spirit of the higher level documents. In the Ministry of communications documents, more is to list the negative list, such as not to provide passenger information to third parties, shall not illegal charges. However, in the major cities of the document, then more than the household registration requirements, cultural requirements and even the displacement requirements of the car. I called the Beijing road with very limited knowledge and scanty information, smooth, not near the perennial speed ring, even high-speed road, there is no need to exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T car can run smoothly. We joined the Paris climate agreement but more than a month, energy saving and environmental protection should be the consensus of technical indexes were similar, small cars should be welcomed. You have to admit, this is not a particularly low carbon draft. Fortunately, this is the draft, if the literal meaning is correct, I would like to express their views. Hundreds of times in my passenger network about car experience, and the number of regular taxi experience, whether Beijing, Shanghai household registration, and is not associated with the car experience. The car that will rise just about net, car total free mineral water and chewing gum, is now the capital of the driver to tighten the pocket, there is no such a good day, but the one hundred car, almost without coming to a driver of smoking, rude or abusive. There should be no prejudice, that the quality of the car about the network driver is higher, but because I have a driver’s income, etc.. Compared to regular taxi, the network about car drivers generally do not recognize the road, thanks to the times, mobile navigation has been more sensitive than people’s way. Although the Ministry of transportation to encourage the policy of a city, the country according to their own conditions of the association, but has announced the city policy looks no tricks. Why in Shanghai, just to achieve the provisions of the city can be registered motor vehicle emission standards, to Beijing, Guangzhou to set the figures? Why in Guangzhou, foreigners, foreign license can open the net about.相关的主题文章: