Performance of Hong Kong stocks to pay attention to the small financial sector aptana studio

The good performance of the Hong Kong small financial sector note – Beijing – Hongkong Zhiyuan investment consulting Wang Min over the past two weeks, with the first half of the performance of Chinese banks gradually released interim results for the period ended, Hong kong. In the context of the economic slowdown in the market, the market for money to make money in the banking sector did not expect too much, but it has been published on the mainland listed banks performance, the overall is still in line with expectations. The joint-stock bank first half profit growth rate to be significantly better than the four line, generally more than 6% growth rate, big firms are only a slight increase in net profit year-on-year growth of 1.25%, CCB, ICBC bank rose 0.8%, growth of 0.5%. Specifically, the first half of the construction bank revenue decreased by 0.72%, interest income fell by 6.07%, which was disclosed by the central bank last year, the central bank cut interest rates. NPL ratio was 1.63%, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 5 basis points of 1.58%. Credit business structure, as of the end of 6 the construction of individual housing loans balance of 3 trillion and 180 billion yuan, an increase of more than $400 billion, an annual growth rate of 14.7%, the size of the industry’s first. The first half of the overall performance of the bank is still pretty good, and its performance is also broadly represents the current status of the industry, that is, the net interest margin decline, the rate of increase in non-performing loans is still growing faster. Look at Hong Kong stocks other small financial sector, due to the relatively small size, the business structure is more flexible, many small financial stocks operating better than large bank stocks. For example, China credit (8207.HK), the first half net profit earned 240% more; there are other Chinese financial investment management (0605.HK) and SNG Holdings (3903.HK), earnings growth in the first half were good, far better than market expectations. On Wednesday (24 days), the mainland introduced a new way of lending and borrowing management network, mainly for the P2P industry to rectify, caused an uproar in the market after the introduction of new regulations. In particular, to limit the limit of a single loan as well as prohibiting the platform from the melt, etc., can be regarded as the industry to wear a straitjacket. A shares of P2P stocks fell sharply, stocks P2P stocks tumbled more than 20% on the same day more pleasant loans. Hong Kong stocks sector related stocks are relatively strong Chinese credit, not too much negative impact. On the one hand is due to its Internet business accounted for is not high, on the other hand, due to tighter regulation on the line, the line of credit business is also considered good. For many other companies that focus on the line of credit business, it can also be expected to outweigh the disadvantages. Hong Kong stocks of small financial sector stocks, the above mentioned several of its previous dividend rate also can reach more than 30%, did not weaker than large banks. Moreover, its performance is often more flexible, the successful development of new business, almost all can bring significant improvement in profitability. For example, China’s financial investment management, launched in Beijing, has now become China’s leading integrated financial services provider of smes. The company first half revenue of about 354 million Hong Kong dollars, representing an increase of 10.1%, net profit of HK $181 million, up 2.6%. In addition to traditional financial services, China’s financial investment management since November 2015 in Beijing introduced a new standard car相关的主题文章: