Pet super Korean mushroom beef taste Nuanwei pot-segotep

Pet super Korean mushroom beef taste stomach pot lead: don’t mean to spend a little time to cook for themselves, after all, before the TA meeting is to rely on you first decreed by fate, to love her. (source: "red show GRAZIA") pay attention to the public number "tune with tune", see more wonderful original content! Material: cabbage bowl, Korea 2-3, half spoon, onion and baby food, beef, tofu, mushrooms, garlic cloves of all kinds, Gao Tangshui (just before the food component), gluten, and other ingredients of the Hot pot you love. The first step: onion washed and cut into sections, and 23 beef stir fry together after containing the backup. Don’t eat onions (love friends can remove the onion, stir fried beef with pickled cabbage to change, this step can not be omitted, will be better to eat oh! Unless you’re using advanced snowflake beef. The second step: step second) into the pot of soup or water, then add chili sauce, spicy cabbage, Korean crushed garlic, mushroom and mushroom except boiling, turn a small fire to simmer for about 10 minutes after boiling. The third step: add baby dishes, Flammulina velutipes, tofu and gluten. The fourth step: after boiling add the previously prepared Sauteed Beef with Scallion and the rest of the onion, you can start again after boiling! If you use clear water, this step should be added salt seasoning. Tip tip: when you cook a spoonful of pickle, it tastes more delicious.

宠爱味蕾 超暖胃韩式菌菇肥牛锅   导语:千万别吝惜花一点时间来为自己下厨,毕竟在遇到命中注定的那个TA之前,还是要靠你先来疼爱自己的。(来源:《红秀GRAZIA》) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容! 材料   材料:   辣白菜半碗、韩国辣酱2-3勺、大葱半条、娃娃菜、肥牛、豆腐、各种菌菇、蒜头几瓣、高汤 水(能刚好没过食材的分量)、面筋,以及其它你喜欢的火锅食材。 第一步   第一步:   大葱洗净后切段,取2 3与肥牛一同炒香后盛出备用。(不喜欢吃葱的朋友可以去掉葱,改成用泡菜来爆炒肥牛,此步骤不能省略,会更好吃哦!除非你用的是高级的雪花牛肉。) 第二步   第二步:   锅中倒入高汤或清水,然后放入辣白菜、韩国辣酱、拍扁的蒜瓣,以及除金针菇外的菌菇熬煮,沸腾后转小火继续熬煮大约10分钟。   第三步:   加入娃娃菜、金针菇、豆腐和面筋。   第四步:   沸腾后加入先前准备好的葱爆肥牛和剩下的大葱,再次沸腾后即可开动!(如果用的是清水,这一步要适当加入盐调味。) 小贴士   小贴士:   差不多煮好的时候放一勺泡菜味道会更浓郁哦。相关的主题文章: