Philippines government forces and militants engaged in 23 deaths and 6 injuries kisstudou

The Philippines government forces and militants caused 23 dead 6 injured original title: Philippines government forces and militants caused 23 dead 6 injured in February 23, Xinhua news agency, Manila (reporter Yang Tianmu) Philippines military said 23 government troops on 20 July in the southern region and the militants, have been killed at least 23 people, 6 people were injured. The Philippine military spokesman Padilla said the same day, about 40 militants on the evening of 20 attacks on government forces in Lanao del Sur Budige Town, the two sides continued fighting, militants continue to send more troops, the army mobilized aircraft, helicopters and artillery. The Philippine military said in a preliminary report, 3 days of fighting, 20 militants were killed, government forces 3 people were killed and 6 people were injured. Padilla did not disclose the identity of this group of militants. According to unnamed Philippine military sources said the militants from the MILF (milf solution). "Milf solution" is Philippines’s largest anti-government armed forces, about 12 thousand armed personnel, the organization sought to establish autonomous government in mindanao. Editor: Liu Debin SN222

菲律宾政府军与武装分子交战致23死6伤   原标题:菲律宾政府军与武装分子交战致23死6伤   新华社马尼拉2月23日电 (记者杨天沐) 菲律宾军方23日表示,政府军本月20日起在菲南部地区与武装分子交战,迄今已造成至少23人死亡,6人受伤。   菲军方发言人帕迪利亚当天说,约40名武装分子20日晚在南拉瑙省布蒂格镇对政府军发动袭击,双方持续交战,武装分子不断增兵,政府军则动用了战机、武装直升机和火炮。   菲军方初步报告称,3天的交战中,20名武装分子被击毙,政府军方面3人阵亡、6人受伤。   帕迪利亚并未透露这伙武装分子的身份。据不愿透露姓名的菲军方人士称,武装分子来自“摩洛伊斯兰解放阵线”(“摩伊解”)。   “摩伊解”是菲律宾最大的反政府武装力量,现有约1.2万名武装人员,该组织谋求在棉兰老地区建立自治政府。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: