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Philippines president’s visit to China to open a large diplomatic era? Philippines’s high-profile’s visit to China and China’s diplomacy in the era from the Phoenix settled from the media "the situation is very simple" occasionally heard someone say, every time listening to the program or reading about the history of the history of their articles, not born in the era of great change and no regret. I think it is really no need to regret, because ordinary people put the final common era in which the possibility is very large. Such as you to put in the age of sail, Pharaoh under their parents tears both hands jumped into the boat to go the distance, and you may because I heard the next Laosong first day of sea water and drown out and give up. Look at us now in this era, people lose several million people to do real estate loans of tens of millions of mobile phone, while most of us may not do what, when you grey-haired side young people may regret why I was not born in half a century ago, that is where we are now, and we are now it was still dreaming of what time the arrival times. We start is so grand, because in the international situation we also feel, now is an international relationship changing times, perhaps China’s diplomatic relations also usher in their old age, just started soon. Remember 3 months ago, because the International Court of arbitration results lead us to Philippines because of the South China Sea at the air tight as the teacher in the examination papers. Just released a new mobile phone in Luo crosstalk began less than half an hour, the current president of Philippines aircraft landing at the airport in the capital, he took full Chao Wenwu and a sincerity Pumianerlai, full of praise and flattering speech and deportment. To know the state of Philippines since independence in 50s, basically no such things happen, this huge change is not the era of relations between China and the Philippines? (foreign minister Wang Yi to the airport to greet Duthel Te) on the evening of 18, Philippines’s president Duthel Te with a large team of nearly 400 people came to Beijing, the so-called high specification a state visit to China, in addition to the official will, are Philippines’s leading business figures of the 400, including beer, tobacco, real estate, bank, logistics, aviation, gaming industry tycoon. The next 3 days Liduteerte met with President Xi, also published a full of applause and laughter speech, the content is repeated criticism of the United States and the praise of our repeated, and we hope to request him to borrow money. In his 21 day visit to the end of departure, the two sides issued a 47 joint statement, signed 13 cooperation documents, Walter is rewarding, and for those with the United States he broke up with our love speech, our friends bluntly such comments: in order to give loans to fake divorce, this is something we see more. Although the future of the US Philippine relations how we are still guessing, but users say this is justified, because a country’s speech may affect diplomatic relations between the two countries, but it is difficult to fundamentally change the diplomatic relations, because in the piles of paper documents are not implemented before a verbal statement without any proof how to say anything. What we need to know today is Duthel Te.相关的主题文章: