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UnCategorized Human resource professionals should consider sitting for an passing the PHR or SPHR exam to gain certification as a HR specialist. The certification demonstrates that the candidate has mastery of the human resource body of knowledge including strategic management, Workforce planning and employment, HR development, .pensation and benefits, Employee and labor relations, Occupational health, safety and security. These are the core areas of focus defined by the human Resource certification institute. To pass the PHR or SPHR exam you must have a minimum of 2 years of human resource experience in which the function of HR is a total of 51 percent of your activities. The exam is score unlike any other exam. There are 225 questions administered and your end score is based on a scaled score of minimum 500 to maximum 700. Until recently, frontline managers paid little attention to human resources (HR). Many had grown accustomed to operating in their own little universes, looking after their people and keeping their supervisors happy. They concentrated on running their divisions, and left employee recruitment and development, labor and safety issues, and ethical and legal matters to the HR department. This system worked successfully for years, but now the dividing line between management and HR has be.e blurred. More .panies want their HR staff to take on additional responsibilities and be.e key players in the organizations overall strategic game plan. Managers are finding themselves increasingly responsible for functions traditionally handled by HR, such as employee discipline, health and wellness initiatives and labor relations. This is especially true of a small organization, which may not even have an HR department. More than 99% of U.S. firms have fewer than 500 employees, but HR management research has focused mainly on larger firms. Many smaller .panies are ill-prepared for the challenges that ac.pany organizational growth and need assistance in handling their HR requirements. .panies that do not provide training for their frontline managers risk decreased productivity and profits, and higher employee turnover. Management and HR should work together to ensure that the .pany properly implements its policies and procedures. Managers be.e better, more responsible employees, thus freeing HR personnel to pursue other administrative duties. However, a study showed that only 12% of corporate officers believe that their HR departments aggressively pursue partnerships with frontline management. Job analysis Its impossible to interview, hire, train or determine .pensation for employees without .prehensive job descriptions. Job analysis also helps ensure .pliance with employment law. HR planning staffing and training play a major role in enabling the organization to achieve its objectives. HR information systems .piling data on specific job requirements and employee capabilities is invaluable in the hiring procedure. Employee recruitment Selecting and retaining the right employees is a top priority for most .panies, particularly smaller ones focused on growth. Hiring .petent individuals requires thorough interviewing, testing and checking processes. Performance appraisal Pay raises and promotions depend largely on the managers ability to evaluate employee performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: