Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Fashion sweetie,darling! When I left University I had aspirations to be.e a fashion journalist. My father always told me that if you want something bad enough it will happen and it did. I am indeed a fashion journalist although not quite how I imagined it. On leaving University I was offered a job at my local rag. They knew I was searching for my first job and I hoped it was going to be the bottom rung of a very long ladder. However fate has a way of making things turn out differently. During the first two months of working on the newspaper, I met and fell in love with my husband. He was a photographer for the fashion items, cheesy I know. Due to his Italian roots he was an extremely family orientated man and would have never considered moving to London in search of all things gold. He was content being a happy snapper and consequently we are still employed by the paper. I still write mainly about fashion but sometimes I am given the opportunity to diversify into something a little more challenging. Pet issues, local planning issues and policing issues are all part of my job if the boss should wish. Which? Recently however I was given the task of reviewing three online retailers and creating a Which type report. As an online shopaholic I thought there would be no issue in writing about the pros and cons of some retail sites. However, there was a slight hitch. The sites being reviewed were Amazon, eBay and play… I had never shopped on play.. so I needed to use the site before I could write my report. The article would also be used to promote the online retailers including the promotion of a play.. discount voucher. With that in mind I decided to get my own play.. promo code from and treat the family to something nice. That way I could have a really good impression of their shopping experience. Play.. Typing in their web address, I wait for their homepage to upload. Its five oclock and the whole world is probably online so it takes a few seconds. Remember when we had to dial up? That seems like something from the stone age .pared to today high speed connections. If it does not load up immediately we start getting impatient. Their home page is very straight forward and designed in a similar style to Amazon. Did they just copy the Amazon idea? The .pany was incorporated three years later so it is more than likely. Remembering I have my Expedia coupon available I type paddling pool into the search engine. My sons birthday is .ing up and I think it would be an ideal gift. It brings me a list of 15 available items. Helpfully they .e with a customer star rating and feedback on the product which all makes the process a little simpler. Not wanting to appear stingy, I go for a mid size pool. The picture shows the whole family enjoying a relaxing soak but I am dubious that we will all fit in, especially with the water displacement caused by my nearest and dearest. With one easy click, the item is added to my basket. The site then offers you the option to set up an account with play… This makes check out quicker if you use the site in the future. I fill in the necessary details and make my way to the checkout. I am eager to enter my play.. voucher code . A few more clicks and the shopping is on its way. Excellent, now all we have to do is wait for it to stop raining and the sun to .e out. Dream on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: