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The traffic police on duty 4 hours in the snow into the snow on the ice glazed hat police online heat "Snow" Shangqiu police "micro-blog" for the popular "snow map of the Shangqiu police Ma Qiang yesterday is still in the line of duty reporter Chen Haifeng photo newspaper Shangqiu news the evening of November 22nd, a traffic police on duty, Bao Xuezhong on the ice glazed hat photos sent to the Internet after the fire. People’s daily, China daily, CCTV news, Henan daily, Dahe official media and micro-blog users have forwarded the traffic police to get everyone’s praise, become a net red snow ". November 23rd, Dahe reporter found the name of the road traffic police on duty in Shangqiu. The traffic police on the road for 4 hours, no time to take care of the snow on the morning of November 23rd, the Shangqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of the police to the traffic on the main road, vehicle, pedestrian traffic, and timely road sweeping snow. Dahe reporter in Shangqiu Shenhuo Avenue and Democratic Road intersection saw net red snow is on the way to evacuate traffic police. He is the Shangqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of a brigade squadron Deputy squadron commander Ma Qiang, 31 years old, engaged in traffic police work has been in the past 9 years. Ma Qiang usually on duty location in Shangqiu Shenhuo Avenue and the intersection of the road of democracy, there is a school, walk around the street, and is near to the train station, traffic is large, once the rain or snow, road congestion. At 4 pm on November 22nd, Shangqiu played a blizzard, Ma Qiang and colleagues to work in advance, on duty, has been on the road to stand for 4 hours, because the busy traffic evacuation, even the snow would not have time to take care of, so that the hat and clothes are thick snow, still a very hat long ice glass. This scene was photographed after the user to see, and its release to the Internet, after the initiation of all Internet users and hot discussion. Ma Qiang said he worked on the road for 9 years, every day, yesterday, the scene of the snow, but he did his job, normal duty. He and his colleagues on duty yesterday as hard. Xiao Bian on the way to work with photos taken: "traffic police comrades really not easy" who shot this photo? 23, the reporter from Shangqiu city traffic police detachment, Shangqiu network, Shangqiu celebrity publicity department inquiries, finally find out the sequence of events. More than 8 22 PM, Shangqiu City, a large snowflakes, Shangqiu is still on the road traffic police on duty. "Micro-blog Shangqiu" (Shangqiu Municipal Propaganda Department official micro-blog) a small series on the way to work to see a police officer’s hat and body are snow, the hat also made ice glaze. She felt that the traffic police in the snow stick line traffic is very hard, so the photos taking photos at hand to micro-blog, and wrote on the micro-blog: "a traffic police to divert traffic on the roadside, because of the lower temperatures, hat knot long ice glass, the clothes also caught in the thick snow. This is the traffic police in Shangqiu. The traffic police comrades really not easy, see this picture, really makes people sad." This small interview with reporters, unwilling to be named, only to say that she had worked in the media, usually readily take pictures sent to micro-blog, like to interact with everyone. Who knows, this micro-blog issued, immediately aroused the attention of all users and the media, forwarding. Source: River Network相关的主题文章: