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Police said the nanny parents to feed their children sleeping pills in the bottle survey: sleeping pills since a nanny, originally crying child suddenly becomes clever, but also special love to sleep, the child’s abnormal behavior so that the people of Nanjing Ms. Zhou a sudden nanny suspected cheating. After checking the nanny’s bag, and found that there was a bottle of sleeping pills, Ms. Zhou immediately to the police. However, the two sides denied giving their children each one sticks to his argument, nanny, parents believe. Currently, Ms. Zhou has been relieved of the labor relationship and the nanny. Police are investigating the matter further. The children love to sleep: sleep is the day after the birth of a child she quickly returned to work, no one at home to take care of the child is not assured, so that domestic companies to please a yuesao. I did not expect this Yuesao really good, a lot of children better than their children, don’t cry also very obedient. Time can be a long time, the woman did not feel right, when the children were brought back to their home country, and the same as ordinary children crying. But a national day saw home Yuesao began a quiet sleep, and sometimes slept for a long time, it can not help but let Ms. Zhou alert. Search a Yuesao news on the Internet, Ms. Zhou suddenly doubt, is not to give the child a Yuesao sleeping pills. Miss Zhou think about the performance of children in the past, the more I think the more strange, so she decided to take the child to the hospital for examination. Soon the child’s test results came out, the doctor said the results could not show the children sleeping pills, doctors and Ms. Zhou explained that the composition of sleeping pills will soon be metabolized, check out is possible. Ms. Zhou still do not feel at ease, then puts forward to want to see Yuesao carry on bag, really did not expect to find. Miss Zhou when Yuesao find a bottle of Valium, can inhibit nerve function, increase dosage can play a hypnotic effect. After sleeping pills were found Ms. Zhou a pan fried, feel that this bottle of medicine to let their children all day and give their children be sleepy straws, Yuesao fed sleeping pills behavior is really a murder, so she decisively chose the police, at the police station after receiving the alarm immediately rushed to the home of Ms. Zhou to verify the situation. Survey: sleeping bottle not sleeping pills police said that although Ms. Zhou provides evidence from the valium Yuesao bag and found, but did not provide direct evidence that this medicine is for children to eat, then the police will be brought back to the police station on both sides. At the police station Yuesao Aunt Wang explained the incident. She told the police that this bottle of medicine, although the above is written in diazepam, in fact, their own treatment of gallbladder pain medication. She saw a doctor at the hospital in the home, the doctor gave her medicine, because the charge is not convenient, so the doctor gave her to find a small bottle. In order to be afraid of the king aunt to eat the wrong medicine, the doctor also deliberately dropped out of the original name of the drug, changed to stop pain three words. Police look at what is expected to be exactly the same as Aunt Wang, Wang aunt and then provide a hospital case. At the same time, Aunt Wang pointed out that her bag can be more than one kind of medicine, as well as.相关的主题文章: