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Poor food to destroy the body, but also hit the original title of the original title: bad food to destroy the body, but also from the hit Author: do not proud of the autumn wind, crab foot itch. However, "a well-known Guangzhou seafood restaurant was stolen by swapping sell dead crab" (Jinyang September 18th). Now many businesses moral concept is more and more not the bottom line, before the media reports of counterfeit Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, but cry up wine and sell vinegar, meat at least is safe; died as a living selling crab crab, but is likely to endanger human health. However, the boss has the courage enough fertilizer, dare to play smart in discerning the old mouth, with the "die" what two? Courage than fertilizer, the food industry’s "magic" to eye-opening. "Guangdong police seized smuggled tons of meat, 2 kg of meat can get 3 pounds (xinhuanet.com September 17th). When selling dead crab restaurant, they also eat a chowhound who knows, this "zombie meat" once in the table of the people, really do not know who to go to theory! Word of mouth is the best advertising business, the quality is the best sign. However, the "Guangdong quality supervision and sampling found that the Pearl River Delta city over 14 wooden furniture sampling harmful to people" ("information times" in September 18th). Inferior furniture is like a bomb, at any time to bring health disaster to the family. Relevant departments must increase penalties, so that those who do not meet the standards of products out of the market. Fire safety and environmental protection is the focus of the relevant departments of the regulatory object, it may be someone to do. "Shenzhen mountain Wutong Mountain core area of illegal passenger checked picnic" (Shenzhen news network, September 18th). This group of people is a happy picnic, but have no scruples about fire hazards, and the air is polluted, you let others suffer "gas emissions". This tone, can not swallow ah! Some gas, swallow it will be life. For example, "Guangzhou, a tenant of gas poisoning, the landlord lost 340 thousand yuan" ("new Express" September 18th). The most precious thing in life is the truth. However, the Zhuhai men’s mid autumn night dating female friends, she saw the police turned around and ran ("Zhuhai Special Zone Daily" September 18th). The single is exasperating, encounter lie feelings of wine more exasperating. However, this guy is too frivolous, so easy on the others are not thieves pirate ship, lucky. In this regard, the police to fight against the wine holder, men should learn fangpian skills so as to make wine, no living space. Editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章: