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The poor girl died of torture — cheated tuition depressed view people.com.cn going into the University Shandong 18 year old Linyi girl Xu Yulin, August 19th received a phone telephone fraud, cheated on the university costs 9900 yuan. Although the family comfort tuition did not again together ", but Xu Yuyu chagrin, stagnation in heart lead to cardiac arrest, although the hospital to rescue, still 21 died. This caused many users regret and indignation. 9900 yuan, to different people mean? For wealthy children, this is only the equivalent of a mobile phone with apple plus three thousand yuan pocket money. The family of Xu Yuyu’s poor, this is a huge sum of money. Xu Yuyu’s mother was crippled and unable to work, the father at home doing odd jobs. Xu Yuyu usually frugal life, high school only spent more than 200 yuan a month living expenses, the family to buy her clothes, she only pick cheap. Xu Yuyu cheated 9900 yuan of tuition is half the family live frugally to round out. A young life, a non harmonic world of the girl, because of being depressed tuition death, that kind of people lament. To make the victim depressed mad liar utterly devoid of conscience! Some people think that the telecommunications fraud prone, warning propaganda frequently see the media, people should be vigilant. And people wonder: the life of Xu Yuyu place is not remote, young people with deception have heard, how can easily be fooled? Can only say that the deception is low, the success of the scam but there is a thought-provoking coincidence". In fact, Xu Yuyu had received 18 of the Department of education grants on the phone, said the money sent down a few days can be, but true. 19, she also received a strange phone, the other claimed to have a $2600 grant to her. The really just received grants phone, day also received a telephone, this is how the "coincidence"? It is precisely because of coincidence, Xu Yuyu no fraud scam, into the trap set by the liar. Xu Yuyu, many students said they had also received a similar telephone fraud, but mostly found. It must be pointed out that this can not prove that Xu Yuyu "silly". Perhaps, other students would not grant, naturally this suspicious. People have reason to hate a liar, not to have life and wealth, the Xu family salt in the wounds, this is the most basic moral. Further question is, how to get a liar Xu Yuyu mother and his classmate’s phone number? How do they know that they have just finished the college entrance examination? If there is no practical intelligence, liar can not set a trap for grants. Although there is no evidence, but Xu Yuyu and his classmates personal information is likely to be leaked. Personal information and contact the candidates should be strictly confidential, what is the "ghost" students to sell information for profit, or "hackers" data was stolen? In view of the fact that Xu Yuyu cheated death, considering that many students have received a telephone fraud, the authorities must investigate the truth, punish the responsible person of the potential for potential vulnerabilities, give an account of society. "Liar to my daughter’s life!" Xu Yuyu’s parents grief, is the largest on the spur of the public security organs to solve the case. Must admit that some telecommunications fraud相关的主题文章: